Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Was I Thinking?

I finished the Firefly TV series DVDs last Friday night, and on Saturday I loaned them to a friend I see once a month, if that.

Sunday I wanted them back.

I can’t help myself. The writing and acting and characterization and humor and cleverness are all so good. I watched an ep we had taped (the last one ever filmed, so I’d just watched it two days before that) but it’s only on once a week so I can’t even feed my addiction via TiVo.

Luckily, Firefly isn’t the only well-done show I have access to. Prison Break turns the screw tighter and tighter each week. Every time they solve one problem, a new one arrives. And next week Michael’s wife comes to see him.

Wait. Michael’s wife?

Damn. How’s he gonna hook up with the doctor if he’s married? (I don’t believe she’s really his wife, for the record.)

And how about that LOST episode last night? Even though I guessed Shannon (though I thought Libby was a good possibility because of the way they laid out the promo) would bite it, I didn’t know how it would happen until I heard the gunshot.

I love the interaction between Michael and Sawyer, as they come to understand and, yes, care about each other more.

I love Jin’s loyalty to them, and the threesome’s ability to communicate despite the language barrier. Did you notice that Sawyer understands what Jin's saying, now?

I love that Ana Lucia’s giant chip on her shoulder is going to become so much heavier. I’m more intrigued by her than just about anyone else. She obviously has training, and I’ve heard rumors that she’s a cop or something, and I believe it because of the way she handles herself. But even more, because of the way she feels responsible for her people and so damaged by her failure to protect them. Jack took on the responsibility of the Fusies because he’s a doctor, and doctors heal and help. Ana took on the responsibility of the Tailies because she’s a cop (or whatever), and cops serve and protect. They’re natural leaders, in leadership positions on the Outside.

Except neither one is managing very well on the Island, are they?

So, who was Walt warning about? For those who didn’t hear it, click here. Was he talking about the Others or the Tailies? To whom will he show himself now that Shannon is gone?

Next week looks really good, but I’m looking even more forward to the following episode, where they all meet up together. I can’t wait for Rose and Bernard and Sun and Jin to be reunited.

Though I really, really hate to admit it, Alias isn’t compelling my interest as much as it used to. I still enjoy watching it more than most TV and it isn’t something I can take or leave, but it’s getting closer to Numb3rs level: Something I enjoy but won’t race to the TV for. I don’t like Rachel or the actress who plays her, so that’s part of the problem. But it may be just that I had enough. It’s a very rare show that I watch through its entire run. Short attention span? Well, maybe, if you consider several years short. :) But it’s more that I have so many other demands on my time, that I have no room for shows that aren’t top-notch.

Which makes Lost and Firefly all the more remarkable.


AuthorM said...

Boy, what a way to make me feel guilty.

I'll give them back! I swear I swear!!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Hee hee.

Hey, now I'm seeing you next week, you can give them back then. Or the one(s) you've already watched, maybe. Don't want to rush you or anything. ;)

MJFredrick said...

Alias is tired. Lost and Firefly haven't had a chance to be. I'm not wild about Rachel at all. UGh, didn't he learn from everyone hating Nadia?

I was stunned by Shannon dying, just when I was starting to like her.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's the problem with spoilers. ABC hints that someone is going to die, and even though I didn't read any REAL spoilers, my brain didn't lie silent and decided on her as the most likely candidate.

Wasn't Rachel's actress on some other show? I guess they can't know how someone is going to do until they try it, but you're right about one thing: she's as much a whiner as Nadia was, and that's a writing issue.

Jill Monroe said...

I love, love LOVE Lost!

Never heard of Firefly - will have to check it out!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Jill, imagine Lost on a spaceship, with more humor.

Well, okay, never mind, Firefly is nothing like Lost. :)

Except for the great writing, deep characterization, cool music, and did I mention great writing? Oh, and both shows assume the viewer is SMART, unlike 99% of TV today. Give it a try!