Friday, January 16, 2009

Wicked Cold

It was 5 degrees this morning.

Wind chill of -4.

I kept mentally rolling my eyes at my husband, who grew up in Ohio and should be used to this. I grew up in Massachusetts and I'm not flabbergasted by winter weather of any sort. Five degrees doesn't seem that amazing.

Except...I'm 38 now, and I think I'm feeling the cold more than I used to, which I always pooh-poohed when people older than me said it. Now I hate my smug younger self, as I huddle here next to my poorly insulated basement window with my fingerless gloves, two blankets, massaging foot-warmer, and space heater.

Far more important, however, is how fast we're sucking down oil, and how much I dread seeing the electric bill after the dim, dreary days, two weeks of having the kids home all the time (Wii, computers, lights, more dishes, etc.).

Having the heart of winter after the Christmas expenditures doesn't work for me. Whose idea what that, anyway?!


Anonymous said...

That is why I live in Southern California. Its been in the mid to high 80's for the past 2 weeks. tomorrow 1/21 it might only be 72 with a chance of rain. I have never lived anywhere else so this is what I'm used to. We wimps consider 60 degrees freezing and wear jackets all day long when that happens. So I don't envy your weather at all. Stay warm.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

See, mid to high 80s in January doesn't do it for me, either. LOL And I know all about you wimps! My brother-in-law turned into one when he moved to Florida. He came up here in early summer and it was 60 and he complained the whole time. :)

I don't ever want to give up the changing of the seasons. The purest pleasure in the world is the warmth and clarity of spring after a hard winter, and the crispness of fall after a heavy summer. I love them all! :)

But thank you, I'll stay warm and you stay cool! :)