Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last year sometime, we bought a Wii, partly because it's cool and everyone has one, partly because it's more active than watching TV. We have a few games, but some of them are either too sedentary, or the family pretends they are. And Wii Sports can only go so far before you get bored, you know?

So this week we went and got Wii Sports Resort. And OMG.

1. I killed 2 hours today playing. What? Deadline? Yeah, I'm on track. Just have a little bit more to do today. What do you mean it's not today anymore?!

2. To use another definition of the verb, I kill at swordfighting. Not the platform. And not the speed slicing, though I love that. J just has faster reflexes than I do (but not faster than Number Two). No, I slice through my opponents on the swordmaster one like they're butter. My level is over 500 already, and I just started today.

3. While I suck rotten ostrich eggs at anything to do with frisbees and am only passable at basketball and archery, I am a MASTER at wakeboarding. Okay, not Master with a capital M. I'm 52 points behind Number Two. But it was gratifying to beat J at it after he slaughtered me on frisbee golf. It told me to give up. Srsly!

4. My right arm is going to fall off. It aches right now, shoulder to elbow, and it's that kind of crampy, deep-seated ache you know will mean when I get up in the morning it won't move. And if I force it, you'll hear the screams in Transylvania.

5. I wonder how good I am at left-handed swordfighting?


Cindy Procter-King said...

I tried to get into video games when my kids were little - back in the days of Super Donkey Kong Country. But they were way better than me even then. These days I only play on-line word games, like Scrabble and Wordscraper on Facebook.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's how I used to be, except for Dance Dance Revolution Extreme--well, yeah, they're much, MUCH better than I am, but I love it--and now the Wii. Until the Wii I was mostly into puzzle games.

Turns out I have a heretofore unnoticed violent streak.