Friday, March 05, 2010

Coming Clean

Huh. I screwed up the rules. Honestly, I am NOT one of those writers who claims to be horrible at math. I've always been pretty decent at it. But somehow, I failed to add 1 to 6 and didn't end up with 7 things, but only 6.

Oh, well.

So, which are my truths and lies? Well, good liars know that good lies are always grounded in truth. So here's me coming clean:

1. I have been to several countries in Europe, and I don’t remember any of it.

This is 100% true. Some of the traveling was in utero, and some was postpartum, but all was before I was a year old. :)

2. When I was like 14, babysitting my brother, we got into a fight and I tried to stab him with a garlic press, and hit my hand instead. I still have the scar.

Again 100% true. I scared myself so badly when the blood welled up, I immediately stopped fighting with him. And went to tell the neighbor that no, even though I screamed I wanted to kill him at the top of my lungs, I didn't actually do so.

3. I have top security clearance because of my job at National Geographic, which means I could technically be told lots of state secrets.

HA! No one could have thought that was true. Pretty outrageous.

4. When I was dating my husband in college, his fraternity had a tradition that if a brother pinned his girlfriend, they carried him down to the sulfur spring, stripped him naked, and tossed him in. Then they gave him back his shoes and made him run naked back to the frat house, about half a mile. I got to see this happen to two of my husband’s brothers, but not him. He never pinned me.

Fully true. I think he gave me the pin after he graduated, but by then we were practically engaged, so it didn't count.

5. When I worked in DC, my aunt worked for Budget Rent-a-Car and she got me cars when I needed one for a trip home. One was a Lincoln Town Car. One was a red Mustang convertible. I kept that one a couple of extra days and took it up to 100 on the Beltway.

I hope she never reads this, that's all I can say.

6. In my summer job at Sarett Nature Center after my sophomore year of college, I got bit by all of the following: a raccoon, a barred owl, a black rat snake, a baby fox, an injured kestrel, and a tiny white mouse. Oh, and black flies.

Mostly a lie. I only got bit by the mouse and the flies. :) Someone else got bit by the black rat snake, when he was catching it (those puppies are FAST), and I don't think any of the others ever bit anyone.

Huh. I told more truth than lies. I guess I'm not that good at it after all! :)


Victoria said...

Ha! I totally screwed it up, too!! Oh well!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You can blame me, obviously. LOL

Victoria said...

There's no blame! I just didn't pay attention to the directions!

Lori said...

I can't tell you everything I've been bitten by. Unfortunately, none of them were my husband!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL, Lori! I only did the nature center for a summer, though, you've been working with animals a long time. So I'm not surprised you've been bitten a lot!

And just TELL your husband to bite you! :)