Monday, July 12, 2010

I Survived!

So I'm home from my three days unplugged. It was torture!

Partly it was torture because I had images of my e-mail backing up. I only have two client projects (next on the to-do list!), so my occasional anxiety was unfounded. I considered going to the business center, but there really wasn't ever time.

Partly it was torture because all around me people were using their smartphones to access Twitter and Facebook, and the celebrities were doing the same, and I felt a little left out. But I also was glad I have a cheapo non-smartphone and am not on Twitter, because those people who were reading and/or typing weren't paying full attention, and for the money we paid, I wanted to pay full attention! :)

So here's what I came home to:

368 e-mails in my inbox

32 e-mails in my spam folder (all deletable)

20 of the e-mails were old, from Thursday night, that I either had to save or act on (8).

59 e-mails I deleted as junk, irrelevant, or stuff I didn't need to read. There were a few more I should have just deleted unread. :)

75 of the e-mails were introductions in one of my writer chapters. Which is great, but figures they did that the weekend I was gone!

I'm down to 27 e-mails that need action. Then I have regular mail to go through, checkbooks to update, and a kid I really need to spend time with. What I CAN'T do and really want to is troll Facebook and Twitter. Eventually, I'll post pictures and reports.

But first, to work!

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