Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, Yeah, I Forgot About Those

Yesterday I posted about unfinished manuscripts. I totally forgot two more!

I started Stealing Pain and Taking Action last May during the retreat, along with Entanglement, because I wasn't sure which idea I wanted to most work on. Neither TA or SP was progressing that well.

I think I know what to do for Taking Action, which is potentially the first book in a series and features a computer geek heroine who works for a special investigations agency who recruits an actor to help her with a case she's really not supposed to be working.

Stealing Pain has a very different tone and is not at all going in the direction I'd originally intended. The premise deals with enhanced soldiers whose enhancements turned them into berserkers, who were then hunted by regular special ops. The heroine was a scientist involved in the original enhancing, the hero one of the clean-up soldiers, whose brother was enhanced. Hmmmm, this might be the next one I work on. I'm getting that tingle at the base of my brain...

We'll see, once I read through them, if they're redeemable! :)

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Cindy Procter-King said...

They both sound interesting. Work on the one that grabs you most. Good luck!