Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heartmates by Victoria Allen

Heartmates is Book One in the Stone of Destiny series!

Combine a magic sapphire, a witch and a stubborn hero and you get
double trouble.

As a healer, Selena welcomes all to her home. Then two strangers show
up on her doorstep, one badly injured, but it is the other who draws
her notice. Did her mother's last act of enchanting a beautiful
sapphire bring this handsome man of her desires to her?

Tristan had been against the journey with his godfather, Jacob, but a
promise is a promise. An attack by outlaws sealed his fate. Injured
and on the run, they come upon a secluded cabin and a beautiful woman.
When she displays powers unlike any he's ever seen, he is certain he’s
been bewitched. Yet for some reason, he doesn’t mind as much as he
thought he would.

When treachery uses Selena's compassionate nature against her, can the
two heartmates overcome vast odds to fulfill the future promised to
them by the Stone of Destiny?

Content Warning: Contains graphic scenes of m/f sexuality.

Also check out The Chosen (Book Two in the Stone of Destiny series)


Norah WIlson said...

Sounds fascinating! Will have to check this one out...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Me, too! I haven't gotten to read this one yet. I love her other stuff, though. :)

Victoria said...

Thanks to Natalie for having me here and Norah, I hope you like it. I had fun writing the ones in this series.