Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jensen Made Me Cry

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I'm feeling a little bit lighter today. I have a major client project completed, and submitted Heavy Metal to my editor, two weeks ahead of deadline (I'm so proud). So now I have to dive into promotion for my upcoming releases, and there is always more client work, but I'm taking the rest of the day "off." After grocery shopping and buying ink and toner for my double-dead printers, I'll watch Thor with Number One, and maybe Supernatural again, too, since she missed it last night.

I loved last night's episode. Not necessarily the "hunt" part of it, though I loved Sam trying to be lawyerly (really, Sam? "That's not fair!"? Is that really a good reason for objection in a court ruled by a capricious god?). Jensen Ackles...oh, my god, the talent. He consistently breaks my friggin' heart, and when Dean and Jo confronted each other in the hotel room, and she was being forced to kill him similarly to how she died, it wasn't heartbreak, it was heartsqueezedbymonsterclaws.

I also loved the quick bursts of montage, all the bits of Jo's past episodes (no "Born Under a Bad Sign," though, I was disappointed) and the people whose deaths Dean feels responsible for.

Is it me, or does this season have more weight than past seasons? It's hard to explain, because they've dealt with really bad Big Bads, and had the apocalypse with the fate of the entire world on their shoulders, and that's pretty heavy. But it's more about tone than content, I think. I'm liking it.

I also like that Sam's apparently been purged by the fires of hell, without the angsty guilt that's driven him his whole life. That's a nice new side of Sammy that might be fun to watch. I have a feeling Dean's going to continue in the other direction. Sam's getting impatient with Dean's drinking, and the "third witness" issue won't be going away. That's one thing I'm NOT looking forward to, is the rift when Sam finds out.

Other shows I'm digging right now? Not many, I'm afraid, but mostly because I'm so far behind. Working every night, no TV, DVR is filling up. But I have kept up with Nikita, and I swoon over the Nikki/Mikey/Birkhoff (Birky?) alliance every week.

I liked the first episode of Pan Am, which I wasn't going to try until I heard it compared to Alias. It was sleek and well done, but had a patina of artificiality and a few too many cliches, so we'll see if it holds me.

Person of Interest (saw one episode) didn't separate itself from the pack of crime procedurals. Prime Suspect (one ep) did, but not in a good way. It was pretty jarring to have this huge sexist layer that none of the other CPs have. In comedies, I like New Girl okay, and I'll keep watching, but won't miss it if it goes away. Can't stand Happy Endings anymore, so I quit it, and didn't like Two Broke Girls at all.

I kind of want to try Suburgatory because it has Alan Tudyk. Anyone watching it? It just got a full season pickup.

What's floating your boat this TV season?


Ava Quinn said...

I actually saw you in the parking lot of Staples, going in - it now appears- to buy toner.

Didn't say hi because we were pulling out and the Urchins were about to expire from starvation. Not a pretty sight.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

My kids and I are in love with Revenge. I do love Person of Interest but mostly because I can look at Jim Caviezel's eyes for hours on end and listen to his voice.

MJFredrick said...

I love love love Revenge. SO GOOD. And I am loving Terra Nova, too. Suburgatory is OK, and I still like Happy Endings--Wednesdays and Mondays are my favorite TV nights. I gave up on Pan Am when I realized it was on but I wasn't paying attention. I miss Haven and Alphas--hope they come back!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Which Staples, Ava? I had to go to BOTH because the first one didn't have it. *sigh* Made for very late grocery shopping. Hope you got those kids fed pronto. :)

Sue, hear hear on Jim Caviezel's eyes and voice. LOL

So that's two votes for Revenge! It didn't appeal to me at all. I forgot to mention Terra Nova. Last episode got screwed with baseball, so we have to wait a couple more days to watch online, but yeah, we're liking it, too.

Haven and Alphas both got new seasons, so they should be back next summer!

MJFredrick said...

Honestly, I added Revenge as a lark. I liked the print ad, and had nothing else going on on Wednesday at that time. I had three on the Tivo before I watched, but boy did they grab me!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'll have to see if the pilot is available on iTunes!

Ava Quinn said...

The one next to 5 Below.