Thursday, March 29, 2012

LASIK Update, Soccer Goals, and Under the Moon's New Cover!

I had my pre-op exam by the surgeon's team today, and everything is good to go! They kept saying things like "great!" and "excellent!" and "oh, that looks good" so I felt progressively optimistic about this whole thing. My cornea is a good thickness so despite my extreme corrective need, I can expect a good outcome (barring the usual complications, of course). Seven days to go!

Number Two played in her second school soccer game last night. She's so funny. She's moved all over the field in the last five years, and whatever she last played is where she wants to play now. She told the coach she preferred center mid to outside mid, and he acknowledged that, but he had her at outside mid all of yesterday's game. And she not only loved it, she scored her team's first goal of the season!

*cue crowd noise*

It's her first goal in years, since she's been playing goalkeeper, defense, and center mid for so long. She had a second, very close shot just as time expired at the end of the game, too. So proud and happy for her! And really glad we have like 13 games left in the season. :)

My first paranormal romance, Under the Moon, has been chosen by Barnes & Noble for nationwide release in September. (Hopefully other accounts will pick it up, too, so you can look for it in your other local bookstore, library, grocery store, airport news shop, etc.) We have a new cover for the re-release, and I LOVE IT!


Here it is!

It kept all the things I loved about the original cover, and made the rest even better! What do you think?


Ava Quinn said...

This is all fantastic news, Natalie! I love the cover. So chic!


ScifiWriterMom said...

Great Cover! Really strong.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks, guys!