Thursday, May 10, 2012

Season Finales, Sunroper, and Bugs in My Eyes

I love May. So much good stuff happens in May! Mother's Day, the City Islanders season opener (local pro soccer team), my chapter's writing retreat, and FINALLY a holiday from work, after months and months without one.

But the sad part of May is the season finales on TV. WARNING: Some spoilers here about season finales that have already occurred.

Well, there's really only one I want to talk about so far. Castle! I can't express my extreme bliss that they gave us that moment. Note to Bones writers: THAT is how you get a couple together. I thought overall they did a good job all season of setting everything up. Kate carefully taking down her walls, brick by brick, admitting what she wanted but having difficulty getting herself out of the very deep tracks she'd dug on the trail of her mother's killers. Rick's deception as he tried so hard to keep her safe and save himself. And Tahmoh Penikett as the bad guy's bad guy! Loved it! But poor Kevin Ryan. He saved Beckett's life, and everyone is mad at him.

When I first started watching Castle, I thought it was bland, with secondary characters that weren't really worth much (except Alexis). But now I love Lani, Ryan, and Esposito as much as I love Kate and Rick/Beckett and Castle.

The Fringe finale isn't until tomorrow, but I just watched last week's episode where Billy, who'd always been of questionable morals in the pursuit of science but never truly evil, is now...evil. And Astrid was shot!!! I'll be pissed if she dies.

Many of the finales will occur next week, while I'm on retreat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the timing, because I'm really getting into Sunroper, book 3 of the Goddesses Rising trilogy, and I want to be able to concentrate fully on it. MAN, I can't wait. This always comes at a perfect time of year, when I really need it.

I'll miss a City Islanders game for the retreat, which makes me a wee bit sad. There's one the night before I leave, though, so it'll be okay. I hope it's better than last week's! Number One and I went to the home opener last Friday night, even though a storm was predicted. I swear, that was the slowest moving storm ever! We heard thunder and watched the massive clouds moving in starting around 6:30. The game started a few minutes after 7, and it had *just* slid over us when they called the weather delay in the 32nd minute. Luckily, there's a nearby baseball stadium that's not just aluminum bleachers. The crowd of 1300 people headed over there, but thinned out considerably by the time the pounding rain and whipping wind passed. Probably a hundred or so of us went back for the rest of the game, which started at 9:00.

The worst part wasn't the cold rainwater that soaked our jeans as we sat there for an hour, or the spitting rain that returned for about 10 minutes, or even the group of local kids incomprehensibly screaming for the away the tops of their lungs. It was the clouds of gnats covering the entire island! I had two fly into my eyes. I was sooooo glad I was four weeks post LASIK and not less than that. Still, it totally freaked us out.

And yet, we did not leave. Who are the best fans in the world, I ask you?!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

The bugs on the island can be a problem. Didn't the state used to have a spraying program that took care of them. I love May for season finalies also. Looking forward to five-0 and Person of Interest.

Ava Quinn said...


(Someone had better take away my caps lock and exclamation point key from me before I embarrass myself further.)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Sue, I don't know if they still spray. It's a losing battle, I'd think. The mayflies are usually the problem, but they stay up at the lights until they die, then they just fall down all over us. The gnats were AWFUL. Since they're tiny and swarmy. And there were none before the rain, all after, so I'm not sure spraying would have much value. I'd rather deal with the bugs once in a while than be inhaling all that pesticide.

Ava, shout away! I'll join you!