Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Keri Ford on her Roughnecks Blog Tour!

Welcome back! If you're just joining us our contestants have just completed Round One of The Best Hero Dudes Ever and the winner is…Jacob! Congrats on showing off your rear in those tight pants. Time for Round Two. Take it away Trent!

Trent shuffled through his cards and chuckled. "Two? Really, Keri? Of all the idiot things I've heard these guys say, two lines is the best you have?"

That's all I need.

Trent shook his head. "In round two I have lines my brothers fed their girlfriends. By some miracle, they bought into this load of BS."

Just wait until your turn. You'll probably be worse than the two of them combined.

Trent glanced up to the overhead lights and scratched the side of his head with his middle finger. "First line is from Lane. He told Gretchen: 'You’re like a nudey magazine. If only I could roll you up and tuck you in my back pocket.'"

Trent lowered the cards and stared at his red faced youngest brother. "Really?"

Jacob elbowed him on the couch. "Nice line."

Trent shook his head. "And the next line is a real winner. What Jacob said to Flora: 'If I thought you were easy, I wouldn’t have bothered with the dinner part.' Really great job pointing out that you're a manwhore."

Jacob's eyes narrowed. "I'm not a man—"

All right boys! Two great lines fellas! Trent, tell our voters what the prize is today!

Trent returned to his cards. "Leave a comment and one winner will be selected at random to win a copy of a Harlequin Medical Romance, The Baby Who Saved Dr. Cynical by Connie Cox. Don't forget to leave your email address so we can get your prize out to you!" 

Book is paperback or digital (Kindle or Nook only). US only. Visit Connie at her website for all her latest release information! Thanks!


Rough Play, second in The Roughnecks Series, is now available! 

Jacob Iverson has plans. Distant plans, but they do exist. Find the right woman, eventually settle down and do the whole “white picket fence” routine. But until eventually comes, he’s having fun with right now. Then he meets Flora, who blows him back a step. Or two. Suddenly his distant plans are rushing up to meet him…only not quite the way he imagined. 

Abandoned at seventeen, Flora Simms has made her way through the world, found life and family in the form of two best friends. Everything is just the way she likes it. From life to love to relationships, she knows what she wants, how she wants it, and doesn’t care if anyone agrees or not. And what she doesn’t want is someone trying to tie her down with long-term plans. But Jacob Iverson brings images of the future to her mind, and heart. Jacob somehow knows what she needs and he’s hitting all the right spots. But can Flora give up her idea of independence to let him in?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keri! Love the Roughnecks. :)

*yadkny* said...

Oh I just love Trent! Can't wait to read his story! Great lines boys:)

KeriFord said...

Thanks Babette! They've been a lot of fun for me.

Thanks Yadkny! Trent has been a little snot! But he's coming around. :)

Babette James you are our winner-winner! I think I have your email so I'll drop you a quick note about collecting your prize!