Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Hate Webmail...and Hey! Supernatural Sisters is Back! Kind Of.

I compile a column for a trade magazine for an organization of which I'm a member. At the end of last year, I realized there was a glitch with the e-mails I should have been getting. I wasn't getting them. We fixed the problem without figuring out what the problem was.

More recently, I noticed that I wasn't getting e-mails from PayPal. I figured it was a PayPal problem and since I was getting notices via my iPod app, I wasn't too fussed about finding the issue.

Today, someone told me they'd sent me an e-mail to an address that for YEARS was a forward-only address. It had no inbox, no account. All mail sent to that address came automatically to my main AOL address. But today, she got a mailer daemon that said my inbox was full. I investigated, and now I have all the answers. And the confused frustration is now just annoyed frustration.

Back in October, I wanted to create a new website. I wanted to use WordPress. My hosting package did not support WordPress. I changed my hosting package with a phone call to GoDaddy, and they were very helpful and everything transitioned very easily. I floundered somewhat, venturing into technical territory that was very new to me. I took a class, built my website, and went on my merry way.

Apparently, when I made that simple hosting package change, GoDaddy converted my forwarding e-mail address to a regular e-mail address and didn't tell me. Now, the setting when I went in to look said e-mails were to be cc'd to my main e-mail address. CC'd now, not forwarded, and they weren't. At all. I had e-mails from October through November. Then they stopped, because my mail box default setting was 1MB. So all the e-mails after that had to be bouncing.

*sigh* I spent well over an hour configuring and going through all the e-mails I had to make sure everything had been addressed at least once. Now I have to remember to periodically clean out that account. All the e-mails are currently forwarding just fine, and I changed the storage to 99 MB, but that will still fill up.

I hate web mail. I've used AOL since like 1992 or 1993. I love the way my folders are set up, and the way the e-mails come in automatically when I'm logged in, and how FAST it all works. I HATE web mail. I can't store things the way I want them visually. There's no separation between old mail and new mail, so I have to move or delete everything in the inbox manually. There's no automatic refresh. The lowest setting is like 1 minute, so I have to manually refresh or just wait. There's supposed to be a sound when I get mail, but it's not working. And everything is so SLOW.

Okay, enough ranting. Did you see, I resurrected Supernatural Sisters? Only as a one-off post, but I loved the last couple of episodes so much I had to post about it. We'll see how the last 8 eps go. I might post again. :)

Just a couple more things...

Tomorrow, I'm participating for the first time in Sneak Peek Sunday! Head over to the News page on my main website here to read an excerpt from Soul of the Dragon.

And finally... Pre-orders are available for Heavy Metal! You can pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now, if you are so inclined.

Oh! Not finally! One more thing! Number One got her first college acceptance today. It was funny, because it was her last choice of the four, and the last one she applied to, but the first to respond. They also awarded her a Presidential Scholarship. She's convinced her first choice will be the last to respond, but we'll see. Every trip to the mailbox is going to be exciting! :)

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