Monday, August 12, 2013

A Kid's Perspective on a Mom's Writing Career

Her view overlooks this spot.
So two weeks from today, Number One will be moving into her dorm room overlooking Boston Common. Two weeks from tomorrow, we will kiss her goodbye and drive home to our one-child household.

I had a chance to guest blog at Peanut Butter on the Keyboard this weekend. The writer moms running that blog mostly have little kids, and one of the universal traits of writer moms with little kids is guilt. Especially those who have kids and a day job and write. We feel like we can never give enough to everyone.

I envisioned doing a chat with Number One for this guest post, but it ended up being a long-winded interview. (She comes by the trait naturally, and I'm sure that didn't need to be said LOL). So part of the interview is up at PBoK right now, and the rest of it will be on Everybody Needs a Little Romance on 8/23. Want to see what a kid who grew up with a writer mom thinks? Check it out!

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