Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spotlight on Victoria Smith and Sheltered

Congratulations to Victoria Smith on yesterday's release of Sheltered!

Taking care of the lost and scruffy Great Dane should be no problem for veterinarian assistant Izzy Burnett. That is until he turns out to be a shifter stuck in his animal form and on the run from a deranged kidnapper. Now trouble is dogging their every step. You’ll love Sheltered, a delightful, paranormal romance from author Victoria Smith. 

Izzy Burnett would rather hang out with animals than humans any day. Animals never judge you because of a few extra pounds, or because you refuse the lifestyle your mother believes you should live. 

Drugged and lost after escaping a deranged kidnapper, Dane Masters is stuck as his alternate self—a Great Dane. 

When Izzy rescues and cares for his bedraggled dog body, he finds comfort in her arms and realizes she's his predestined mate. All he has to do is convince Izzy—but first he has to save her. 

Content Notes: Sweet, Paranormal, Shifters, Other Weres, BBW, Contemporary 

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great book cover. Congrats on the release.