Friday, March 07, 2014

Listening while Writing

Today's guest is my very good friend Misty Simon, another of the authors in the Harlequin E urban fantasy launch anthology! Misty, take it away!

I know a lot of people make play lists when writing books. I’ve tried this before and have failed miserably. I tend to listen to a whole album when writing a book. Phantom of the Opera was on the iPod while I wrote Wicked Ink for the Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Box Set for Harlequin E. There was something about the dark music and the thought of what could have happened if the Phantom had been redeemed. Yes, there’s a Point of No Return but what if he’d been brought back from the edge?

It was quite the experience to write to that music and hard to find a different album to write to for the next book in the series, Protective Ink. I’ll tell you all about that when the next book comes out!

In the meantime, do you use music to set the mood? And I’m not just talking about writing. My daughter and I dance around the kitchen to techno when we’re making dinner and I have Bach for Book Lovers for when I am reading. There are Saturday night dance parties in the bathroom at my house and music is a constant. But what do you put on when you want to exercise or think or relax? Lay it on me! Maybe it will be the next soundtrack for another Ink book!

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Garrett’s gift for violence is tattooed on his flesh. Dory looks like the typical girl next door, but she has dark secrets of her own. When a predator strikes, Garrett learns that Dory is the only one who can save him. But first, he’ll have to save her….

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vickyb said...

Woot!!! Absolutely love the premise and the story!