Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Perfect Father-in-Law

I adore my father-in-law.

I mean, I always did, for a lot of reasons. He raised an awesome son who turned out to be, while not perfect, perfect for me. He likes me. He and my mother-in-law are wonderful people who do a lot for us and don't give us the grief a lot of in-laws give their kids' families. He's a hands-on
grandfather, and likes talking about football with me.

But when I became published, he kicked it up a notch. He has always talked me up, as proud as if I were his daughter. Since my last book came out, he's been buying copies by the dozens and giving them to everyone he knows.

But wait, there's more!

I don't know if he'd like me saying so, but he had a heart attack on Sunday. One of those healthy-men-working-out situations. He's going to be fine--he's going home tomorrow. But this afternoon he called me from the ICU to ask me to bring a couple of my books to the hospital when I visit tonight so he can give them to the nurses.

I mean, is that amazing or what!

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