Sunday, June 26, 2005

You Know You’re a Grownup When…

I turned 34 in December, and I was thinking that it’s only recently that I’ve really started to feel like a grown-up. Several hallmarks testify to this, and I decided to list them. So here they are…

You Know You’re a Grownup When…

1. You start sentences with, “Twenty years ago, when I was in high school…”

2. You give your parents advice. On parenting.

3. You’d rather see “Bride and Prejudice” than “Without a Paddle.”

4. The guys in your heartthrob posters have silver in their hair. If they have any at all.

5. You want to pants someone, but to teach a lesson instead of to play a joke.

6. You think Bowling For Soup’s hit “1985” is about you.

7. You actually want soccer and dance class magnets on the back of your car.

8. The kids being gone overnight means lying on the couch two hours early, not hitting the clubs.

9. “I need a drink” refers to a double caramel mocha with skim milk and whipped cream.

10. You’ve been at the same job for a third of your life.


Rene said...

Too funny!!

I hit 38 this year and I wonder where the time went. I get nostalgic watching "Hit Me Baby."

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I never felt old until I realized I could legitimately say, "20 years ago..." The acts on Hit Me Baby don't seem so old to me. {sigh}