Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lost Friends

You just HAVE to love the Internet.

So I came over here tonight for a little blatant self-promotion (it's a blog, so I guess that's redundant) and checked the comments. And seem to have been found by a wonderful old friend who asked what I thought of LOST last night.

(Beth, e-mail me!)

My first thought when LOST started (after "squeeeeeeeeee, it's on!") was "Well, that hatch is certainly a bit bigger than it was four months ago."

And that's my only complaint.

Another friend is getting really tired of Jack crying in every episode. I love the way he cries. :)

But that's irrelevant. Really, the show was great. I have to admit to being a BIT dismayed that no questions were answered, because Damon Lindelhof said they would be, but the promo for next week said they will THEN, so I'll accept that.

As usual, the show generated tons of questions:

Who is Desmond and how long has he been in that bunker and why is he there? The exercise bike and CRT and dishware and everything make it look like he's been there 30 years, yet he was with Jack in the stadium oh, maybe five years ago. No more than 10, certainly. What was the medication he injected himself with? And what did he do with Kate?

Where is Walt? Was he wet because he escaped? Because he drowned? Because they couldn't get the boat all the way to shore and made him swim in? Why did he say "shhh" to Shannon? What are they doing with him? Why does that dog act so freaky all the time?

Has my obsession diminished? Hell, no! It's back and better than ever before. I subscribed to the magazine, for Pete's sake!

I did, however, manage to avoid heading for The Fuselage. Pat me on the back, I'm maintaining some semblance of a regular life beyond LOST. :)

So, what did YOU think? Feel free to disagree with me. I'll just ignore you.


AuthorM said...

I thought the show rocked, I don't care that they didn't answer my questions because that gives me something to look forward to, I love Hurley, Walt said SHHH because he didn't want anyone to hear Shannon talking to him and give away that he was able to contact her via the space/time rip he can manipulate with his mind....and Jack cried about three times too many in that episode but I have hopes he'll be dry-eyed next time.

I understand his pain, I really do. But for heaven's sakes, man! The tears are overdone!

Oh, yes, and Sawyer better get back to the Island with his parts all in working order.

That's it.


Jody W. said...

What magazine?

Believe it or not I didn't really have any complaints. Yet. :)

Natalie Damschroder said...

Go to and click to the Lost section, and there's a link for an official Lost magazine, published bimonthly and too expensive but I don't care. :)

Natalie Damschroder said...
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MaryF said...

I FINALLY got to see it last night. The only question answered was WHAT was in the hatch. Not who. My dh visited a website that said if you play what Walt said to Shannon backwards, it says, "Don't touch the button. The button is bad." I missed Sawyer. I liked Shannon for the first time.