Saturday, September 17, 2005


Celebrity worship in America is second only to celebrity bashing. We want desperately to be them, with their beauty and their wealth and their perks, yet we hate them because we aren’t.

That’s generally speaking, of course. I don’t worship OR bash celebrities as a group, but I do have specific ones that I simply adore. Here's one more reason to do so.

It’s great when someone you respect and admire lives up to it (and that goes for non-celebrities, too), and it’s even better when it happens unpublicly—note that this article is in the Badger Herald, not People magazine.


Beth said...

Hey there... this post has nothing to do with celebrity bashing [sorry about that]. I was curious what you thought of Lost last night?

P.S. I am a child hood friend who rememebers the good things about summer [that's a hint to read your End of Summer post]

Natalie Damschroder said...


Oh, you made me cry! Is that really you? HOW did you find me?

And how did I make eating mac and cheese a really fun game?

I'll do a fresh post about LOST.