Monday, March 20, 2006

Harry's World

One of the things I think is coolest about the Harry Potter Phenomenon is the wide range of people who read and love the books. Ten-year-old girls to 16-year-0ld boys to 35-year-old married couples to 70-year-old grandfathers.

I was listening to Pottercast this morning, and they were interviewing the aforementioned 16-year-old boys who do Mugglecast and help run Mugglenet. When asked about book 6 and what he expected out of book 7, Ben Schoen's first comment was that he liked how the characters matured and that Harry started thinking about what would happen if Ron and Hermione got together and the kissing scene with Ginny...

Yes, one of the first things a teenage boy admitted to liking was the ROMANCE. I love it.

Gotta set one thing straight, though. I'm a writer, so words are important. And no matter WHAT happens, Severus Snape is not good. At most, he is working on the side of good. There's a huge difference.

Yes, I happen to believe he is working for the Order of the Phoenix and honestly trying to stop Voldemort. But that alone doesn't make him a good person. The reason he is able to do such a thing is because he is NOT good. He can be believably evil because he embraces the part of himself that is evil. But take away all the Voldemort stuff, look at just his everyday treatment of the kids in the school and the adults he dislikes (pretty much all of them, actually), and he is not a good person. I think that makes him one of the most interesting characters in the series, actually. But I won't be sorry when he dies.

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