Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wild Weekend

Yesterday, my plan went from:

9:40 D's soccer game

10:45 Brunch with family

12:00 Husband take D and M shopping, while I write all afternoon

5:00 Dinner and a movie with sister-in-law


9:40 soccer game starts

9:59 we are winning 3-2

10:00 D collides and falls with an opponent. Gets ball away from her goal anyway.

10:01 D gets subbed and comes off the field

10:01.5 I start to head toward D to tease her for nailing the ref in the gut with the ball

10:01.6 D looks at right hand, notices pinky sticking out to the side, starts crying

10:20 Arrive at emergency room with D and her broken pinky

1:50 Leave ER with D and her newly set and splinted pinky

The cool thing about this? D said, as we lingered in the unusually quiet ER waiting to get an x-ray, that she's glad she at least got hurt doing something she loves.

'Cept now she's in a splint and can't play soccer for several weeks. Or clarinet. Or cello.

At least her team won the game for her, 6-3

I still got to do the dinner/movie, and Failure to Launch was cute enough to be worth seeing (mainly for the secondary characters, though we got plenty of Mr. McConaughey's chest {g}). I really enjoyed seeing my sister-in-law, sister of my heart, who's far too busy for me now. It took me, like, six months to nail her down to go out.

So okay, that was yesterday. Today, J (husband) went out shopping. He's driving through a nearby downtown and sees a car parked askew on the side of the road, and some guy is trying to force a woman into the car. She clearly doesn't want to go. J pulls over and honks, and the guy sees him and takes off. J notes the license plate and make and model. He offers the woman a ride, and of course she won't take it, but did ask him to follow her home.

Damned if the guy doesn't come back four times. The second time, he almost hit the woman with his car, trying to block her. J called the police, who were there in moments, just as the guy came back the fourth time. He spent an hour giving his statement to the police, who arrested the guy for aggravated assault.

My husband is a hero.


MaryF said...

Wow, your husband IS a hero! I'm so glad he came along for that woman.

Hugs to your poor daughter!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Thanks, Mary!