Friday, November 17, 2006


I don't like the rule that says you can't have JUST the car's "check engine" light go on, or JUST have the dog losing more weight even though she's eating double her prior food intake, or have JUST the cat continue her litter box rebellion no matter what you do. You HAVE to have the office flood during torrential downpours, too.


So, yeah. No computer for a few days. Insurance doesn't cover seepage that doesn't come from some kind of break or malfunction. Sharp, cramping pain in the lower back and shoulder due to the tedious, bent-over task of trying to wet-vac the water out of the carpet.

And no Supernatural for two weeks. At least.


Didn't get much writing done today. About 2K, I think, though I'd planned another cafe day and 6K, which would have gotten me to the end point of NaNo. Tomorrow, I hope. Thank god for my laptop.

Studio 60 was picked up for the full season! Yay! They listened to me! What? I wrote to them. I couldn't have been the only one, though I haven't heard if they've given a reason for picking it up when it was rumored to be yanked soon. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the last two episodes, and my husband even enjoyed it. So much that he mentioned it TWICE.

I have two more episodes of Veronica Mars season 2. That disk should come tomorrow, and then I'll catch up on this season. Perfect timing, with half my shows going on T-giving haitus.

Smallville is still a big disappointment to me. I'm sorry, the last 8 seconds of last night's show were not only NOT a shocker, they were annoying. I never liked Lana. Lana with Lex makes me not like Lex. Especially when Clark is reduced to running around in circles at a dockyard for, like, 7 minutes of the show, and then NOT getting his bad guy. WHY do they think it's a good idea to make Smallville the "Not About Clark Kent Show"?

Will I be villified if I admit to not being blown away by Supernatural this week, either? Don't get me wrong, there was still much to love. It just rehashed stuff that's been well established. I'm really looking forward to the shows previewed in "Soon," for sure. I am not a fan of guns, but the Winchester brothers packing so much heat is...guh.

I'm hoping to get to some movies this weekend. Definitely Happy Feet as a family. The previews have been cracking me up for months:

"Why you huggin' me, man?"
"He tole me toooo."
"Stop it."
"No, you liiiike it."

I also want to see Stranger Than Fiction, and might sneak away Sunday night for that. Oh, and the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer is supposed to be playing before Happy Feet. That will be worth the price of admission, alone. LOL

I don't talk about books much on here, mainly because I don't want to talk about a friend's book and have another friend feel bad because I didn't mention hers, and I won't talk about books I don't like--and I don't like a lot of them. But I just finished Stephanie Rowe's Must Love Dragons, and it was really good. It had more substance than a lot of "fun, quirky" books do, and the heroine didn't drive me nuts with superficiality. Check it out.

Okay, I think I'm done rambling for tonight. My laptop has been running for hours and hours and it's making me sweat. I have to get away!


MJFredrick said...

See, now I LOVED this week's Supernatural ;) And the two that are coming up are two that I messed up on the VCR and so didn't see the whole thing. Plus, ya know, JD is in next week's episode ;)

Hugs on the flooding - what a pain!

I want to see Stranger than Fiction and Happy Feet too! I had no idea they have the Order of the Phoenix trailer already!!!! WHEEE!!

I got my 2000 words done yesterday - at like 11:45. Will start earlier today!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I didn't hate it, Mary! I'm glad you're getting the two you missed back. There is a value in repeats, I will admit. And I do have all of this season's shows saved on the TiVo, so I can rewatch any time (I watched The Usual Suspects again last night just to see them brainstorming while apart again. I love that stuff!)

Happy Feet was good, too, though with a pretty unrealistic ending. Probably should have stayed self-contained in Antarctica. What did you think of Stranger than Fiction?

Good job with your 2K!

MJFredrick said...

I haven't gotten to the movies yet. Hopefully that can be one of the ways I entertain my parents when they're here.

I just Wishlisted Jensen Ackles and JD Morgan. Did you know Jensen was in Dawson's Creek and Dark Angel??

I plan to save most of the Supernaturals on Tivo, as long as I can. I think we only have a 40 hour one, though.

MJFredrick said...

Forgot to say congratulations on reaching your Nano goal!!!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Whoops, Mary, I read "wEnt to see" instead of "wAnt." Sorry!

And thanks for the congrats! You're close enough to taste it, yourself!