Monday, July 07, 2008

The Great Wii Backfire

In a semi-desperate bid to increase my family's activity level, especially the kids', I ordered a Wii last week. The package had the Wii Sports, of course, plus a stupid Smash Brothers game. I ordered a pro soccer game and carnival games to go with everything. The Wii Fit is still on my radar but still not available anywhere.

I'm sure it surprises no one that the Wii is a big hit all the way around. J hooked it up for the kids on Friday while I was indisposed. Once I felt better I did one game of bowling, two rounds of tennis (best of five), and two boxing matches (KO'd, both times). That little bit gave me a raging shoulder/neckache. And the other three spent HOURS over the long weekend playing. All three of them have been very, very sore.

Number One got left by Number Two mid-tennis match, so Number One played against herself. She won. She found it to be so much fun that she played baseball against herself, too, pitching with one hand and hitting with the other. It's kind of hilarious.

Number Two is the boxing champ. She's ferocious. I'm at level 0. She's nearly at 400.

Unfortunately, the kids are drawn to playing but have been trying to rest their aching muscles, which has led them to discover that Hey! They don't need to stand up to play tennis! They can lie on their backs and flick their wrists!

Not exactly what I was going for.

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