Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ten-Day Hiatus

Hi! I'm back from my hiatus!

What? You didn't know I was on one?


In truth, I didn't intend to be. I had lots of topics to address over the last ten days, I just couldn't find the time to type them out. Partly because of work. Partly because of total distraction with Number One's slumber party, birthday, and trip. She turned 13 on Thursday, and on Friday she took off with a bunch of strangers.

It all went pretty smoothly, though. I had communicated with, but not met, the People-to-People leader who was in charge of the group. I liked her as soon as we walked into the airport and she approached us, very organized and pleasant and excited. Over the next hour and a half, she gave us reason to be comfortable that she could handle any crisis.

So at 3:15 Saturday morning, Number One called between the airport in Amsterdam and the Friendship Village. She didn't manage to sleep on the plane because her seatmate snored and hocked a lougie every five minutes, and she had a full day of activity ahead of her, but she sounded wide awake and loving being where she was.

We haven't heard from her since.

Which I have no doubt is a good thing. She's probably not homesick, and I know she's keeping busy, probably making tons of new friends. I'm sure it's not that she lost her phone, or broke it, or is lying in a coma in the hospital after losing her ID lanyard in a horrible accident.

Or anything like that.


Anyway, I don't want to pack ten days worth of thoughts into one post, so I'm going to schedule a whole bunch of posts over the next several days, which--BONUS--means I won't have to take the time to post each day!

First up...Renegade!


MaryF said...

I was JUST thinking you hadn't posted in a bit, then I check in and here you are! Missed you!

Your 13 year old went on her own? I've barely gotten used to my 17 year old going off! You're very brave, but I'm glad the coordinator made you feel comfortable.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Aww, thanks! I've missed you, too. I am about to go catch up on your stuff. :)

Yeah, when your son was going away for the first time, I was thinking how appalled you'd be at me letting mine go on her own, and to Europe, no less! :) I did have a dream the first night that included me researching a murder, and all the articles about it were written in Dutch. I might have some hidden anxiety. LOL

MaryF said...

I think it's great your daughter is getting this experience, but, I won't impose my own anxiety on you! How long is she gone?

Natalie Damschroder said...

LOL Don't worry, it's a very well supervised event, with a bunch of pretty mature kids, and my kid has a very level head. If something happens, we'll deal with it, the same way we would if it happened here.

She's gone until next Sunday.