Monday, February 09, 2009

Day One! Oh, Never Mind

Here's how I did on today's portion of the goals I set yesterday:

Exercise: Done!
Cleaning: Done!
Edit Chapter: Um...
Pro. Editing Job: Done!
Three additional editing jobs today: Done!

Not listed yesterday (oversight!):
Critique: Maybe later?

What I did today that wasn't on the original list:

* Waited for computer to run the chkdsk it decided to do without asking (enabling me to get the editing done, on paper, anyway, as well as the cleaning, but not so much the chapter or critiquing)
* Got adjustment at the chiropractor (ahhhh--I needed it. I was waking up 18 times a night with my arms asleep)
* Bought stamps at the PO to replace the ones the cats apparently sent into Limbo
* Blogged at GabWagon
* Prepped tomorrow's post for Supernatural Sisters
* Did Chuck review for Sci Fi Chicks
* Did laundry (two and a half loads, one being too small and unbalanced and folded into load three)
* Cleaned up dog diarrhea in living room for second time in two days
* Took Number Two back to school to pick up homework she forgot
* Supervised homework of Number Two
* Prepared dinner
* Fed the animals
* Sent some e-mails

I know, that's all terribly fascinating stuff, but tell us, Natalie, what you thought of the episodes of Leverage you caught up on last night!

Yes, I'm all caught up, and I really like the show. I love Elliot and Hardison and Parker. I love Nate's mind, but am quite dismayed by the sudden descent into overwhelming alcoholism, and Sophie doesn't do much for me. It's another on my list of really enjoyable shows that I will record and watch every week, but if it stops, I won't miss it that much. (Of course, I won't have to, since it got a season 2 pickup recently.)

Okay, so, goals for the week, let's try again tomorrow. Chapter 3 will take priority over everything else, I swear it!


Cindy Procter-King said...

LOL. The doggie do? Natalie, really.

Good for you for going to the chiropractor. I go once a month. Otherwise, my neck stiffens up and my shoulders turn to rocks.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

The doggie do? Natalie, really.

What? Shouldn't I talk about that? :)

I love the oiled feeling in my neck after I've been to the chiro. I may need to go back next week for my neck again, I still had the pinched nerves in my sleep, but not as bad. And I was amazingly in better alignment before the adjustment than I ever remember being before!

Keeping a more regular schedule would be a good idea, though, yes.

Ava Quinn said...

I feel you on the dog mess!

You got lots accomlished. Feel good about that!

Ava Quinn said...

accomplished. sorry written with crazed changeling children clinging to me.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I know, I thought of you every time I cleaned up my living room floor! LOL At least she didn't hide it.

And no worries on the kid-induced typoes. ;)