Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick! Look Over Here!

Number Two said the sweetest thing to me today. She indicated a picture of me, my mother, and my brother that was taken about 18 years ago, and said how my brother looked so much younger, but I looked exactly the same.


Then she balanced it by saying "...well, the face." She was reluctant to elaborate. LOL

To distract you from the fact that I have nothing more interesting to say than that, I'm directing your attention to the following:

Supernatural March Madness Elite Eight: Vote on the best episodes of Supernatural.

In a similar vein, head over to the Alpha Male Madness Elite Eight. This would be your favorite actors/characters up against each other. Possibly.

If you're a writerly type, The Knight Agency is doing a Book in a Nutshell Competition. Get the attention of an editor with your very best nutshell description of your book!

Tracy Madison is holding a contest to win books. (Scroll down for the link to her newsletter.) She also has a...unique viewpoint on spring. :)

SciFi Chicks is still the place to go to discuss your favorite speculative TV shows. It has a new look, too!

And, of course, we can't forget Supernatural Sisters. So far this week we've talked about Kripke's take on wishin' and hopin' and debated what urban legends the show could still explore.

Oh! And one more thing. Megan Hart has an interview with Support Supernatural creators Heather Vitas and Lindsay Warren. After you read about this awesome women, head over to check out this year's charity campaign.

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