Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caring Too Much

I've decided to trim my Supernatural fan exposure. This season it's driving me INSANE.

When I fell in love with the show, I couldn't get enough of it. I searched for places I could get more of it, short of fanfic, and found some. Much of it I've dropped away from already, but I've held on to some that I felt offered fun, insightful, interesting commentary. Most of that is now gone.

It's not that I love every episode unequivocally. And it's not that I want all of my "fan friends" to love it unequivocally. But far too often it's not a couple of complaints mixed with what they liked or loved, it's hyperbole.

Taking the complaints as a whole, not attributed to individuals, there's no winning. When the season opened, the show sucked because it was so unrelentingly depressing. Then it was too funny, how could they be so funny during an apocalypse? Where are the stand-alone episodes, the mytharc gets tedious. How can they fight ghosts, there's a freakin' apocalypse? There's not enough Sam, there's not enough Dean (okay, I see that one less often), and enough with the meta/fan-tweaking. The showrunners hate women and African-Americans, because they kill them all (though I'm absolutely positive more white men have died in 4.5 seasons), but before they kill them, they're always evil.

You know how in last week's episode, Becky yelled at Fritz to just not watch the show if he doesn't like it? I'm certainly not going to tell people not to feel the way they feel. But I've got to stop seeking the extension of joy that originally connected me to other fans, when it's just not there anymore. It's up to me to stop exposing myself to the negativity.

So, finally, I have. Just, of course, at the time when I need that connection most: nine-week hiatus.



MJFredrick said...

I decided the same thing the summer before last. It leaches your enjoyment.

Though I'm feeling guilty because I've made some of those complaints!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sorry to hear the fun-sucking leaches got you, Natalie. I love my Supernatural but I've never joined online communities to discuss it. I watch it with my son and my daughter and we love it together. That's enough for me.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Pfft! Don't feel guilty, Mary! Your complaints are justified and personal! And one complaint isn't what leached me, it's the bombardment of them from all quarters. YOU are not getting excised from my fandom circle! LOL

That's smart, Sue, and has always been enough for me for any other show! Supernatural's an obsession for me, though, so... :)