Monday, September 27, 2010

Found on the NEO

I wrote this post on September 2nd, then every time I saw it on the Neo, I was like, "I posted that, didn't I? Yeah, I'm sure I posted that." Then I forgot to check.

I never posted that. But I like it, so I'm posting it now, even though stuff that's a month old is hardly relevant. Some of it is, though! So...

So, yeah, new theme here (or at my Blogger blog, if you're reading this elsewhere). I loved my old one, but it wasn't compatible with some of the features I wanted here, like the handy sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter and stuff.

I'm writing this at the eye doctor, and someone out in the lobby sounds like my boss. Funny thing is, she just said "if my chiropractor can't do it," and I work for a chiropractor! LOL This is one of the reasons I hate when characters (TV, movie, or book) say "I don't believe in coincidences." They exist!

Anyway, I wanted a little more functionality here, so I picked the first template I liked. It's so easy, I may do it often. :)

And check out my book widget on the right! Isn't that cool? A ferris wheel of covers. I'll be changing them out soon, because I'm at the max, and I'll be putting newer releases in as they come available on Amazon.

I finished my Fight or Flight revisions (the Carina book) yesterday. Can I just say how lovely my experience has been so far? It's early, of course, but Liz, my editor, is fabulous. Her suggestions were all spot-on. When I had questions, she responded within minutes (I warned her about spoiling me!), and her answers were exactly what I needed. I really hope my revisions are successful. She's the kind of editor you really want to please.

Next major project: formatting Soul of the Dragon to get it ready for sale!

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