Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smiling Awards

Wayyyyy back on February 11th, Vicki Smith gave me this award. I didn't find out about it for a few days, then didn't actually READ it for a few days, then started this post but didn't finish it for even more days.

I so don't deserve this award.

Not the least of which because I'm not funny. But I suppose the thought of me drinking a stinkbug can make someone smile, so I humbly accept this cute award and pass it along.

First, to Jody Wallace, who needs to share with her cat, as both are equally hilarious, and Meankitty will shred me if I don't say so.

And also to Shannon Stacey, because her outlook on life is so wonderfully wry.

Check them out!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You make me smile.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Aw, thanks, Sue. :)