Sunday, June 26, 2011

On My Way to RWA

I'm getting ready to go to RWA National next week. (For the non-writers who read this blog, that's the Romance Writers of America conference.) Some of my fellow attendees had a 15-page planning document weeks ago. Some were so overwhelmed with what they needed to do, they just kept buying shoes. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Yes, I have a four-sheet spreadsheet with a color-coded schedule and all my packing planned out. But that only came together this week. I still have to sort through a half-inch-thick folder of papers—untouched because I had a long to-do list of things that I needed off my desk before I leave. I still have to practice my pitch and research my pitchees, and read through the book I'm pitching so I remember all the details they might ask me about.

But I'm close to ready. I bought a dress for the Harlequin Black and White Ball, and borrowed shoes and a purse from Number One. I know, I can't believe it either. She has big feet, but they're the 15-year-old feet of a normal-sized teenager. My big feet are 40 years old and have been through two pregnancies and support a not-normal-sized person. The style of the shoe, though, makes them fit perfectly.

The only problem is that they're kitten heels. Which is excellent, because my other "fancy dress" shoes are nearly three inches, and I don't want my feet to hurt like that for three events (the Carina and Harlequin parties one night and the awards ceremony another night). But I'm prone to turning my ankle while wearing flip-flops, so I'm a little nervous about that possibility on these teeny heels. When it happens, I generally go to the ground, and not very gracefully. So I'll be holding my breath all night for two nights. Especially the one where I have to go out of the hotel.

I think I've bought all the little things I needed, mainly travel stuff for efficient packing. I'm not flying, but I don't want bulky stuff in my suitcase, either. Plans are being finalized, and now I just need to find the train station before I'm in a time crunch, and I'm all set!

My goal for this conference is networking. I'll be meeting authors and editors from Carina and Entangled, members of YARWA, and old friends, some of whom I've never met in person. I have official editor and agent appointments and some opportunities for informal meet-and-greets, as well as multiple volunteering duties. So my plan is to build my professional presence a little.

And to have fun! I've added karaoke one night and hanging in the bar with some people another and I expect a few dinners out. The hotel is on Times Square, so there will be a lot to choose from, dining-wise! And since my TBR pile is dwindling, I'm eager to get my hands on some new books. If you live in NYC, come on over to the Marriott Marquis on Tuesday night from 5:30 to 7:30. There's a gigantic, 500+ author booksigning, with all the proceeds going to literacy. It's open to the public!

I'm finishing writing this at 2:00 a.m. Friday morning, but I'm setting it for Sunday, the day before I leave. I'll be gone for a week, likely with no Internet access. Pray for me. :)


Karen said...

Hope you have a wonderful time and that all your worrying is for nothing!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks, Karen! I tell ya, I can't wait to actually get there, because I'm really tired of all the non-stop dreaming!

Yesterday, everyone was tweeting about mani/pedis, and I realized I'll be wearing open-toed shoes and maybe I should paint my nails.

So I freaking DREAMED that I painted my nails, and it was a sucky job!

Now I'm checking to see if I can get a pedi appointment this afternoon. LOL

Karen said...

Your comment about the pedi cracked me up. I meant to go get a pedi Friday and didn't feel like going out, so I did it myself. All I could think of is those programs that come with the warning - "Do Not Attempt This At Home"!!! I had more polish all around my toes than on the nails. What a disaster!!

I will definitely be heading out for the real thing tomorrow!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

YES! That's how mine were in the dream! I'd done them the night before, and by the next day, it was mostly worn off my toes and was all around the cuticles instead, like I'd done them with my contacts out. LOL

Ava Quinn said...

Have a great time, Natalie!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...