Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Would Take a Breath if it Didn't Hurt So Much

I don't know if I slept funny, or if it's from all the cleaning and hauling and everything, but my back is killing me.

Luckily, I work for a chiropractor.

Unluckily, I can't get adjusted until Tuesday, and that will be iffy. We're closed on Thursdays, tomorrow I'm off because it's my birthday, then the weekend, we're closed for the holiday on Monday, so Tuesday will be the busiest Tuesday EVAR, and I don't like to ask for an adjustment when the docs are that busy. So it will just have to resolve itself.

Anyway. I have cleaned the entire upstairs (except the bedrooms). I've done the dishes and wrapped all of my husband's gifts. All the other family gifts are done, too, so it's just the kids' to wrap on Saturday night.

BG has claimed a new favorite spot:

She's there all. the. time. She might choose a different present from time to time, but man, does she glare when we laugh at her.

I don't have any client work pending today. I have to eat breakfast (I guess it's lunch now), shower, and go to the grocery store so I can spend $50 and get 30 cents off per gallon of gasoline. Then I can tackle some of the things that have been on my "nonurgent" to-do list. You know, the things you REALLY need to do but always get shuffled. They include:

1. Updating my website
2. Designing a new website
3. Revising Entanglement
4. Sending Keri the updates for my sidebar book covers at Everybody Needs a Little Romance.
5. Taking the Scrivener tutorial so I can actually start using it.
6. Transferring the little bit of Sunroper I've written to Scrivener and work on that book.
7. Researching and planning my contest strategy
8. Writing a novella in the Goddesses Rising series
9. Coming up with a novella idea so I can write it!

As you can see, I still have plenty to do. But no in-my-face deadlines for the next week, so I'm taking a breath.



Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon, Natalie. And good luck with your list! Lots of great stuff on there. LOL

Merry Christmas! :)

Ava Quinn said...

See? Housework is evil. EVIL, I tells ya! Just say no. And then feel better and have fun with the semi-nonurgent list.

Have a happy birthday too! And my mom. I always forget you two share the same day. (along with many others, I'm sure.)

So go pop some ibuprofen and rest while you work.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks, Melissa!

It's totally evil, Ava. My back is worse today, so I'll take an hour+ to go get adjusted. Hopefully it helps. It's never been this bad before! Ibuprofen isn't working at ALL.

But I'm determined to have a good birthday anyway. Thank you! And happy birthday to your mom. I think we share it with Captain Kangaroo, and maybe Shakespeare. :)


Thank you Natalie .All my best wishes greetings and prayeres for your good health , Blessings for you family and friends.