Monday, February 06, 2012

Huh. I Totally Though I Blogged About Chuck.

My husband and I have enjoyed the TV show Chuck since it started. Not continuously. There have been episodes here and there that were lame or over-the-top or out-and-out stupid. But the core of the show has always appealed to us.

I mean, it helped that Zachary Levi was made into a true hunk, not just a hunk-disguised-as-a-geek (though looking back, he was a lot geekier than I remembered!), that Captain Awesome sometimes worked out shirtless and in bike shorts, and that Yvonne Strahovski is hot enough to spark interest in 30-year coma patients.

But I loved that a couple got together and the show survived a few more seasons. (Hear that, Castle writers?!) I loved the exploration of backstory issues that gave everyone's angst so much depth. I loved that a Firefly alum had a long-term gig. (Though, come on, what's it gonna take for one of the Firefly women to get a show that goes more than a season and a half? Sheesh.)

The last run of episodes (the one that followed probably the worst eps in the show's five truncated-season history) was fantastic. The one that finally addressed the status of Sarah's mom, and the one where they decided not to buy the house, were so rich and satisfying. AND THEN! Brandon Routh returned! And so did the Intersect!

I loved that Chuck got the Intersect back, that everyone wound up with something great, that Lester and Jeff actually got to play spies. I admit, I didn't come close to loving what happened with Sarah, or that Morgan's magic kiss didn't actually work, but they at least left us with the belief that everything was going to work out.

I don't miss Chuck, really. Very little TV is must-watch-live for us, and sometimes we'd let two episodes go by before we caught up. But I do miss having a light, comedic one-hour show on our Prioritizer. I have White Collar that fits the bill, I guess, and Royal Pains is light enough. But as glad as I am that Chuck lasted as long as it did, I wish it had been a bit more successful and followed by something else like it. Dark, twisty dramas are all well and good, but seriously, I'm getting kind of depressed.

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