Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sue Gourley Tagged Me with Eleven Cool Questions

One of the worst parts of being so busy with work and writing and family is that I never have time to spend reading blogs anymore. Blogs of my friends, of reviewers and fellow authors, of publishers and random cool people who have nothing to do with writing or books.

So I'm always really happy when I get tagged, as Sue Gourley did last week. (Along with Ava Quinn, TM Crone, Cate Masters, and Jon Sprunk.) I answered my questions before I read theirs, so any overlap is accidental.

Fun fact: Jon Sprunk is the son of my father-in-law's cousin, Fred. How incestuous is this business, anyway? LOL

1. Are you a Kindle, Nook, Ipad or other? Or none?

I own a Kindle 2, which was a Christmas gift a few years ago. I'm very happy with it, though I still like to read print books, too. I wouldn't want to read on a backlit screen. I have eyestrain bad enough already.

2. Who is smarter, you or your phone?

I am, because I have a cheap little flip phone that doesn't do much. :)

3. Do you like two story or one story homes?

Hmmmm. I like anything except split-level/bi-level, I think. I live in a ranch house (one story) but it has a finished, walk-out basement, so it's like a two story. I like space.

4. Country born and bred or city slicker?

Hybrid! I like space. :) But I also like convenience, and I like the energy of a city in small doses.

5. Cereal, toast, eggs or just coffee for breakfast?

I should eat more cereal. I hate eggs, but I usually have an English muffin or frozen waffles and tea if I make it at home, a mocha and croissant if I do Starbucks on the way to work.

6. What new show on TV has caught your interest this year?

I started late, but the buzz about Revenge intrigued me. My boss asked if I was watching when I was about halfway through the existing episodes. Now I have to watch it live so we can talk about it the next day. LOL I really like the characterization, cleverness, and mystery of it.

7. Have you ever bought a celebrity book? About whom?

Not that I can recall!

8. What is your favorite guilty snack?

I don't feel guilty about it, but I guess I'm supposed to: stove-popped popcorn with real butter and salt. It's one of those childhood things. :)

9. What was your favorite cartoon character growing up?

Oooh, good one, and tough. Every time I think of one my brain hops to another. I think it was Sylvester, though. Must have been the lisp.

10. Do you pack your lunch or carry it?

Neither! I work until 1:00, so I'm about equally split between picking up something bad for me on the way home and cooking a lunch when I get here.

11. What book have you read over and over again?

Most recently, Harry Potter, though I'm not sure it counts because I listen rather than read. I must have read all the Nancy Drew books and the Little House books dozens of times, but nothing else in adulthood. There are too many new books to read!

Okay, now it's my turn. I'm tagging:

MJ Fredrick (because I always do)

Misty Simon (because she hasn't blogged in over 2 months)

Cynthia D'Alba (because her book is out soon)

Robin Covington (because I never have)

Here are my 11 questions:

1. What foreign country would you most like to travel to that you haven't visited yet?

2. Name your most coveted gadget—unlimited budget, and something you don't currently have.

3. Do you have brothers and sisters? How often do you get to see them?

4. How much of your own wish fulfillment is put into your books?

5. If you dug into your basement/attic/back closet/whatever storage space, what item would you find that would make you go "I WONDERED where that was!"?

6. Have you ever had direct encounters with a wild animal? Describe the circumstances.

7. Who is your favorite non-famous musician/singer? If possible, provide a link to their music/website.

8. What's your favorite NFL team? Or professional team in general, if football isn't your thing.

9. What was the most fun job you ever had, besides your current one(s)?

10. Are you living where you want to live? If not, where's the home of your heart?

11. What book are you reading right now?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm so glad there's no Starbucks between me and my place of work. I would be there every day.
The questions you posed are challenging and I knew there would be a football one.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yeah, I go way too often. Not all four days (we're closed on Thursday) but more than I want to admit to anyone. LOL

Thanks! Yeah, there had to be a football one. LOL

Cynthia D'Alba said...

Everything you ever wanted to know about me