Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Fun Stuff in June

Unfortunately, there hasn't been as much leisure time as I crave. But I am determined not to let the balance of my life get completely out of whack.

We saw Men in Black III and it was awesome! Very poignant at the end, surprisingly so, but well set up. Also very funny. Josh Brolin was PERFECT as a young K. I also saw Brave yesterday with Number One. That was good, too. It was nice to see a mother/daughter story and I suppose it's good that it wasn't all about falling for a prince. I missed the romance, though. :)


My reading has been all over the place. Again, not much time, so I've spread it out. I was reading a library hardcover, a paperback, a short story on the Kindle, and a book on my iPod Touch all at the same time. I liked it! It allowed me to read many things I like all at the same time, instead of feeling bad for all the stuff sitting and waiting for me.

I didn't think I'd like reading on the iPod. Backlighting=eyestrain, especially with my dry eye issues from the LASIK, and it's small. But I started reading Megan Hart's The Resurrected on our trip and liked it better than I expected. The iPod reading, not the story. That I literally could not put down, even when it made me nauseous. That woman has a sick mind for horror, let me tell you. Wait until you read Part 8! This is a serial novel, and Part One is currently FREE so if you like horror, go get it now!

Anyway, yesterday I finally rejoined the health club and found that the iPod is perfect. I can listen to podcasts while I work the machines, then switch to reading on the treadmill, instead of carrying around the Kindle or a book or having to go back to the locker room to get it.

My reading time is mostly stolen time. Occasionally while I eat a meal, always right before I go to bed (though when that's usually midnight or later, it's short!), while I brush my  teeth, and once in a while, a stolen chapter in the parking lot at the grocery store.


Ah, TV. *sigh* Not much of it on right now. We're in that hateful between stage when most of the summer shows I love (Leverage, Covert Affairs, Alphas) haven't started yet. Some have, but they're few so I watch them quickly and then have nothing to watch for a while. Falling Skies has my full craving now (on tonight, YAY!). Enjoying Bunheads so far. More serious a storyline than expected/than ever on Gilmore Girls, but the humor and dialogue are the same. Royal Pains is better than I expected, with the rift between the brothers. I thought that was improving, then they had to make it front and center again.

We are still loving Franklin & Bash. Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer are effortlessly entertaining, and the surrounding cast, always awesome, has had more focus so far this season. They've also had some spectacular guest stars. Cybill Sheppard, Seth Green, Kevin Nealon...it's neverending! My theory is that they can tell it's a fun show and they get to play fun characters. So glad they do! :)

So what entertainment have you been enjoying so far this summer?

(Speaking of entertainment, I have a post up today at Everybody Needs a Little Romance about the evolution of entertainment delivery, and there's a giveaway involved. Check it out, tell me what you think!)


Ava Quinn said...

Not much entertainment for me so far this summer. I've been the entertainer. But the oldest urchin's forced recluse time is now up. I will hopefully get to do some fun stuff for me soon. Especially the roller derby next month!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, good, so that must mean she's doing better! You are SO deserving of some fun stuff for you now. :)