Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Exciting to Finally Learn What Deadline Hell Feels Like!

GEEZ I've been away for a long time.

Very nice to see that while I've been not posting, people have still been visiting. "Ryan Reynolds in his Underwear" is still getting the top hits. Go figure!

So what have I been up to all these many weeks? Stay tuned...

No cover yet for Heavy Metal
First, the second-pass edits for Heavy Metal. Some of them were extensive, though not has hard as I expected them to be, so I was head-in-the-book as constantly as possible for a couple of weeks. I was really happy to make word count, because even though I originally came in 4,000 words short of the target on my initial submission, and then I learned it was okay to go 4,000 words over that original target, every revision my editor gives me seems to require more words rather than fewer. I was pretty happy with the changes, but haven't heard what she thinks yet.

Then was a Christmas short story I submitted cold. Very different from what I've been writing lately, because it's straight contemporary romance and features a lot of the tropes of category romance (though it's just a short story). Haven't heard about that one yet, either. I'm doing a lot of nail-biting this summer! That one I targeted about 12k and hit just under 15k, the upper limit. Could have gone longer, too. I don't think I can say that I write short anymore.

Now it's Sunroper, which is due August 1 and I can finally concentrate on exclusively. Until I get the final pass on Heavy Metal and the short story and the other short story I submitted a while ago.

I won't say much about that. Lots of freelance work, which is paying for LASIK so that's good, and extra hours at the day job to help cover vacations. Fun!

More to come tomorrow. Tell me what you've been up to!

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