Sunday, November 04, 2012

On the Funny Side of the Moon

Please welcome one of my best friends, Misty Simon, as my guest blogger today!

Several years ago, I remember being at a Romance Writers of America conference and feeling hopeless about the current market. Would I ever sell again? Everything I was reading, from industry news to current releases, seemed to be dark and angsty – dark paranormal, angsty women’s fiction, dark and angsty contemporaries. While I love reading these things, writing them was never and will never be my forte. I know life isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows and happy unicorns, but it seemed that readers wanted to be driven to the depths of despair and I just was not built to write that.

Poor Natalie had to read my attempt at writing a dark paranormal and let’s just say that it is still hidden somewhere on my hard drive and leave it at that, shall we?

But I persevered. I told a group of authors at that conference that I wanted to still be writing when we got back to the light side of the moon. And here I am, happy as a clam. I find that more and more readers want to laugh, they want to snicker, and they want to guffaw. I try hard to provide all that and a good story.

What’s Life Without the Sprinkles? was actually the first book I ever wrote. Believe me when I say it looks and reads nothing like it did in its first draft almost ten years ago. At that point I think I had seven points of view and a totally clich├ęd story line. But I wrote and rewrote and wrote other things in between. I published many things, too, but this story will always have a special place in my heart. 

Claudia and Nate are two people who I always wanted to find on the street someday and invite them to dinner. My hope is that you’ll come away at least wanting to have coffee if you can’t spring for lasagna.

So now that I’m still standing on the light side of the moon, I also find myself on the funny side of the moon. Laughter and humor is so subjective but I think I hit a funny bone or two.

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Cake maker and single mom Claudia Bradley thinks she has life all figured out—until her best friend Nate starts looking like a mouth-watering dessert and her son’s father comes strolling back into the picture as if he’d never left ten years ago. Throw in a case of preteen angst and a family with lots of well-meant advice, and, well, she’s whipping up a recipe for chaos!

Nate West has always been there for Claudia, a basic ingredient in her life, but suddenly she is flirting outrageously with him when she’s never looked that way at him before — despite his dreams. With her ex-lover back in town, Nate isn’t about to renege on his years-old promise to always be the friend Claudia needs, but does she want more?

She’s as tempting as butter cream frosting with sprinkles, and he’s mighty tempted…

Misty Simon loves a good story and decided one day that she would try her hand at it. Eventually she got it right. There's nothing better in the world than making someone laugh, and she hopes everyone at least snickers in the right places when reading her books. She lives with her husband, daughter and two insane dogs in Central Pennsylvania where she is hard at work on her next novel or three. She loves to hear from readers, and you can check out her website at


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love me some triangles and temptations.

Ava Quinn said...

Sounds so good, Misty!