Thursday, May 08, 2014

Today I Finally Broke Open

The Reason I Couldn't Clean the Gutters
As I mentioned an annoying number of times this winter, it was a long, wearying one. I spoke with many people about how little energy we had, how little impetus to do anything. The cold and snow were confining.

I was excited when the birds came back. Even when a mourning dove laid eggs on our extension ladder. But while it heralded spring, it didn't really change how I felt. I'd get momentary spurts of happiness when I heard the singing and chirping, but when I opened my office window to let in fresh air, thirty seconds later I was closing it and turning my space heater back on.

Last week Laverne had babies.

My husband named her Laverne because a robin moved in about two feet to the left of Laverne's nest. She's called Shirley. We put up little tape labels with their names on them. I don't have a picture of Shirley, because she flies off frantically every time we go outside. She's probably upset, despite the way the two of them fought, because a few days after the two babies hatched, they and Laverne moved on. They pushed the nest off the back of the ladder and disappeared. (I'm going with "they fledge fast" because I can't handle any other possible explanation and there's no evidence that's not what happened.) Anyway, I think Shirley misses her roommate.

ANYway, we've had some nice days, and I've been outside a bit doing yardwork and whatnot, but "it" hadn't happened yet. Cuz, you know, every time it hit 70, the next night it was back to 30 and all the people who were told NOT to plant their tomatoes until May 15 started screaming that their tomatoes were dead. Last week, we went to pick up Number One from college in Boston and I couldn't believe it was May 1 and there were NO leaves even budding on the trees there. In the city itself there was a hint of green, and a few flowering trees were starting to get some color, but in the rest of New England it might as well have been February. So depressing.

Then today I drove Number One to work and had lunch with my husband and did some flower shopping. We bought a couple of annuals and these:

And I spent a few minutes admiring the lushness in our front bed:

It's at least a month later than the azaleas usually bloom! But those lilies and hosta are gonna be monsters. Foy!

After I'd loaded up the car I took a spin through the trees and shrubs section of Ashcombe, which is in the parking lot. My husband was already back in his office so I was able to refrain from spending more money, but I did pick out what I want to get later this month.

I drove home with the windows all down and music blasting on the radio, me belting out "Addicted" by Kelly Clarkson (except the high parts; SO can't do those) and other rocking songs. And it happened about halfway down Lisburn Road. The "click." The moment when everything breaks open and euphoria fills me up. I finally feel unfettered and energetic, and pleeeeaaaassseeee, Mother Nature, hold off on the 85-95 degrees for a few months, okay?!

How's YOUR spring going?


LBDDiaries said...

I so relate! Alpha Hubby built me a nice big raised bed to grow my tomatoes in but I haven't gone to the nursery to pick up plants yet because our weather was loco, too. Hot, cold, hot, cold, and I'm in Arkansas! It should be warmer than you guys!!! I can't wait to pick up my snapdragons and tomato plants - THAT is when it will click for me. It's so green outside and the ponds are full so maybe it is Spring and I'm just slow! GREAT post!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

My boss said she's still waiting for that "click" moment, too, so it's probably individual for all of us.

It hit 80 yesterday and will again this weekend. Today is damp and dreary. WHERE THE HECK IS THE MIDDLE GROUND?! LOL

I love snapdragons! I hope you get that click this weekend. :)