Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Covers and Movies and Tweets and Stuff

I am so freaking tired, I'm sitting here staring at the computer and trying to find some little ounce of energy to do something. Anything. It really is not a good idea for me to go to bed at 12:15 a.m. and get up at 5:00 a.m., after first getting up at 4:00 a.m. to feed the cats so they stop scratching at the freaking doors.

So I got the final print cover for Acceptable Risks, which comes out in mass market paperback in June. It's pretty much the original cover with the new Carina logo and some added richness and contrast, I think. I'm excited! This is my favorite of my three Carina books. If you're in the romantic suspense Reader Service, you'll get this one!

I am not much for independent films. I tend to find them morose, dull, navel-gazing, and/or weird. The bigger accolades the critics give an independent film, the less I tend to like it (assuming I cave to the praise and give it a try).

Things started to break with Silver Linings Playbook. I was wary of the mental illness plot, but I love both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (every time I type his name I want to go back and watch Alias again), and I love football. Lo and behold, the movie was funny and sweet and had an uplifting ending that surprised me.

Last night I watched an independent film that I absolutely loved. Well, it was Joss Whedon, so that's not a surprise. The ending was a little too Hollywood (dramatically satisfying without much thought to the consequences of events and what would happen after the credits rolled), but the acting and editing were absolutely superb, and the characterization and cinematography equally so. I rented it last night, and since I haven't stopped thinking about it all day, I'd say it was well worth the $5. Check it out:

Last night or maybe this morning, I don't know, it all runs together, I watched the trailer for Clark Gregg's Trust Me, and it looks delightful. Now, admittedly I've got a bit of a crush on Clark Gregg. Some of it is why the rest of the world is crushing on him (i.e. Agent Coulson) but he's a Massachusetts native and went to my college and is a writer. And he's always super-gracious to all the Twitter whiners who beg him to tweet them. So check THIS out:

And finally, there's the movie called Authors Anonymous that also looks cute and funny and not dull or depressing, though I'm not as eager for that one because a) I've been burned before by movies that portray author-dom in a completely ridiculous way (I'm looking at YOU, Cheaper by the Dozen), and b) the cast doesn't excite me as much as the other two movies did/do.

Okay, that's book covers and movies... Oh, tweets! Yeah, I thought I had 10k tweets exactly this morning because Twitter said 10k, but then I pointed to it this afternoon and it said 10,004, so I missed it. That made me a little sad, especially since I'd already posted a tweet about it that was wrong. Oh, well. I gotta be wrong sometimes. It validates all my rightness. :)


Why do we have so much freaking mulch? We'll be shoveling it around the property all summer long.

The mulch-shoveling is extra annoying because I also have to do a big heavy cleaning of my house, with my inlaws coming later next week to stay with Number Two while we go to Boston to pick up Number One from college. Cleaning and yardwork take away from writing time, and that's frustrating. So I should write now, except I'm pretty brain-dead.

This came out okay, though. Maybe I'll have my heroine do some blogging...


LBDDiaries said...

I'd gotten an invite to watch that Joss Whedon one for free but had no idea who he was or what it was all about. Now I may go back & check it out! People tend to forget authors have real lives that intersect with others along with (warning, dirty word ahead... work), aside from the writing lives. I know I had - that just makes your books even more precious! Love the newish cover. Listen, I need to go now, I have Nat books to continue reading!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm kind of gawking at the idea that someone doesn't know who Joss Whedon is. LOL That's probably admirable. :) I think you'd like the movie! It's a nice love story, and two people overcoming personal obstacles.

*sigh* Yeah, it's the dream to be able to just write and not have any work taking away from it. Maybe someday...

Now I'm off to write so you'll have new books to read! :)