Saturday, August 09, 2014

Making that Connection

I'm so happy to have Misty Simon back here today! Ivy is probably my favorite mystery series, and if you try one, you'll understand why! Take it away, Misty!

Thanks to Natalie for having me here today!

I love getting sucked into a story. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is. It can be a book, a movie, a television show, a chat with a friend over coffee. I’m an avid listener and watcher, and as I listen and watch I can’t help but be drawn into the emotions and the vividness of what is being told.

I especially love getting lost in a book, though. What can be better than using your own imagination to see the characters, the rooms they inhabit, the dangers and struggles they go through? You can step into their world for a just a little bit (or three hours later you surface and realize it’s midnight and you have to go to work in the morning). Great storytellers are my heroes as they weave words and images into a tapestry that makes me laugh, cry, sigh, and cringe.

I adore stepping into someone’s world, a world they’ve lovingly created, one they’ve inhabited for weeks or months or years while they wrote this book. The characters become important to me and their struggles real to me (emotional or physical) when it’s done right.

And I always feel a little like I’ve awoken from a Rip Van Winkle sleep when it’s done. The happily ever after is just the beginning, the loose ends are tied up, justice is served. And I’m left to close the book with a smile, wishing there was some way to find those people and have a drink while we squee over the good parts.

Have you ever felt like you’ve known a character so well that you wished you could go find them and buy them a beer (or other beverage of choice)?

About the Author

Misty Simon loves a good story and decided one day that she would try her hand at it. Eventually she got it right. There’s nothing better in the world than making someone laugh, and she hopes everyone at least snickers in the right places when reading her books. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two insane dogs in Central Pennsylvania where she is hard at work on her next novel or three. She loves to hear from readers so drop her a line.

The Wrong Drawers – An Ivy Morris Mystery

Ivy Morris is back, and this time she’s determined to stay out of trouble. She’s comfortably ensconced in her costume shop, happy as a clam. Happy as a clam can be, anyway, when her father has moved in with her for an indefinite amount of time, putting her love life frustratingly on hold.

So when her best friend asks for help with an in-home demonstration party, Ivy jumps at the chance to get out of the house and away from Dad. She has no idea of the subject until she gets a look at the cookies. But that becomes the least of her troubles when she walks straight into another murder scene. One where she’s the prime suspect.

What else could go wrong? When you’re Ivy Morris, the only right answer is “everything.” With the help of hunky Ben Fallon, this girl will try to figure out why she’s being framed and what it has to do with her getting The Wrong Drawers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me!

LBDDiaries said...

Natalie is one of my heroes because her Storytelling magic keeps me engrossed in her books until I'm done. Whatever direction they take - I am going to love them. I have trouble putting them down because her world becomes mine. She sucked me into all her worlds from the very first book I read - Brianna's Navy Seal!

LBDDiaries said...

Yikes, I forgot - p.s. - great post! Your post said exactly how I feel about great books, too. Now I'm off to check out Miss Ivy. A new author to discover - yay!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Awww, LBD... *blushes* I love that you love them because you're living the HEA that we all strive to give our characters! :)

And I think you'll really like Misty's books. She has a sense of humor that I think is really compatible with yours. :)

Anonymous said...

YAY, LBD! I love Natalie's stuff too! Cannot put it down until the last page then I'm immediately bothering her for the next one. I hope you enjoy Ivy!

Ava Quinn said...

Woo hoo!! Ivy is back, and I love that cover. Ivy is one of those characters that gets a beer buy from me! Great post, Misty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ava! Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure Ivy would love that beer - It's brown, right?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

What the heck is a beer buy? LOL

Ava, is that an autocorrect change from auto buy? :)