Thursday, August 07, 2014

What's Up with Me

Well, let me tell you.

Writing-wise, I'm moving along with Harte and Soul in a very focused and apologetic manner. This book really should have been out long ago. It didn't deserve to be shoved aside by all those other books that ended up coming first. But it's my priority now! Except when the sequel to Full Fusion and other stuff crowds my brain. I just purge those details and then get back to H&S. I'm going to soon have Full Fusion available in print, and slowly, over the next several months, a lot of my backlist will be freshened and reissued.

Sunroper won the Prism! That was exciting. (The Prism is given by the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers, and it won the Light Paranormal category for 2014.)

Fall's going to be busy! September 5–7 I'll be in Ohio for a mini-meeting with Entangled authors and editors and publicists and the owner. Then I'll be doing a signing at Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA, followed by a YA signing there in October (stay tuned for details). October 17–20 I'm attending the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference in Iselin, NJ.

Work-wise, when I'm not writing, my day job at the chiropractor is going just fine, and my freelance work has been WHOA.

Which is good! Because family-wise, Number One is about to head back to Boston for her sophomore year at Emerson (which is another trip, a week before Ohio, and I might be a bit crazy...). I think she's about ready to head back after a hard-working summer. Number Two, on the other hand, feels summer went WAY too fast and she doesn't need to go back yet.

We've had a great time watching the Harrisburg City Islanders soccer this summer. They had a very rough start, but have clawed their way up the rankings to 6th place and hopefully a spot in the playoffs. They have to stay here, though, which means a few more wins before the season ends. Seasons ending make us sad. But the end of soccer means the start of football! The NFL kicks off...the weekend I'm in Ohio. :( But thank goodness for DVRs, right?

I'm trying to spend a little more time outdoors, even if it's just reading while I eat dinner, sitting on the top of the steps down to our backyard as if it were a tiny deck. :) The weather has been crazy. I have my window open right now and it feels like it's September. We've had very few +90-degree days, and a shocking number of 55-degree mornings. I'm praying it's carry-over from the cold winter and not a sign of the coming one.

Ooh, fall also means new TV. I haven't had time to watch much this summer. I'm behind on most of what I'm watching, except The Last Ship, Falling Skies, and Royal Pains because those we watch together. Franklin & Bash starts next week, followed by Doctor Who, and I"m excited about both! I'll hold off on talking about the new shows this fall until we get closer.

What's going on with all of you?


Ava Quinn said...

Woohoo!! Yay on the award. Can't wait to hear about the signings. Is that the place on the way to the roller derby rink? I might be able to drop by! :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks, Ava!

Yep, that's the place! I'd love to have you come by. :)