Monday, August 22, 2005

I Want My Own Street

I was entering a claim today and the name of the street the person lived on was the same as her last name. I pondered the circumstances that would lead to such, and decided the most likely scenario was that they’d bought a lot, built a house, and had a new street put in to accommodate the house, which the city/town/borough/village allowed them to name.

Isn’t that cool?

I live in a suburb that used to be rural and is now rapidly gobbled farm country. It’s quite conceivable that someday we could buy a lot on an old corn field and have our dream house built there, with our own street (that would eventually be a street for at least half a dozen other people, of course). But if we were first, we could name the street.

I wouldn’t name it after our last name. That seems pretty arrogant, actually, and Damschroder Road doesn't click for me. No, I’d name it after my brand. I’d live on Indulgence Lane.

Now doesn’t that evoke images of sitting on a comfy porch swing, reading a thick, engrossing romance, and eating Dove ganache-topped ice cream straight from the carton?


Anonymous said...

I think Cleveland Browns Drive sounds pretty cool..

Or "I Live With a Strange Romance Writer Lane" would be more accurate.. but too long.

hmm.. will give it more thought to give you more suggestions.

AuthorM said...

Okay, then I guess I'd have to live on Chaos Lane.


Natalie Damschroder said...

Sounds perfect for both of you {g}