Saturday, August 06, 2005

Thoughts on Harry Potter

Well, for right now, I have just one big thought.

Voldemort is pronounced “Vol-deh-more.” End of discussion.

It’s how Jim Dale pronounced it in the first four audiobooks. How the Scholastic pronunciation guide on their Harry Potter web site says it should be pronounced. And, per the report of several interviews of JK Rowling since the release of Book 6, aka HBP, it is how JK Rowling pronounces it.

It’s significant. “Mort” in French is “death” and is pronounced “more,” not mort. It bothered me a lot when they pronounced it wrong in the first movie, and I still don’t understand how JK Rowling could have allowed it. But it drives me nuts that Jim Dale changed his pronunciation in his performance of Book 5 (and now 6).

Pllleeeessse, in the last book, can we have it the right way?

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