Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dear Devon

Dear Devon,

I’m on a plane, my usual location these days when you’re on your way home. I don’t know why it’s so hard to face you.

Maybe it’s the tension you carry, as if any second you expect me to leave you. I hate making you feel that way, but I don’t know how to assure you when I can’t assure myself.

Uncertainty is driving me, and you know how I am. I can’t stand it. You tell me you love me, and I wonder if you really do, or if the magic just makes you believe it. It shouldn’t matter what compels it. I should just be satisfied with what is. But I can’t, especially because when I say it back, I don’t know if it’s any more true for me. What happens if the bond fails?

Cowardice is not my way. Agents don’t get far being cowards, and I’m one of the best agents The Guild has. That’s why they keep sending me on assignment, why I’m always winging it somewhere else, even when you’ve just done a Chicago-London turnaround in three days. At least I can pretend it’s not fear.

I’m going to flush this down the toilet in a minute. They say writing down your feelings is supposed to make you feel better.

It’s not working.

I love you, Devon.

I think.


Maggie and Devon from
Elemental Passion are struggling with the compulsion of the bond that identified them as soulmates. Find out how they handle it in A Matter of Choice, released this week as part of the Prying Eyes AmberPax.

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