Saturday, April 15, 2006

I got TAGGED!!!

Woo hoo! For the first time ever, I've been tagged! Thank you, Misa Ramirez! :)


4 movies you would watch over and over
Would? Try DO
Galaxy Quest
Princess Bride
Lord of the Rings

4 places you have lived
South Ruislip, England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Delaware, Ohio
Long Beach, California (for two weeks)
and many more!

4 TV shows you love to watch
Firefly (even though it's been off the air for three years)
Prison Break

4 places you have been on vacation
Killington, Vermont (last summer)
Dallas, Texas
Williamsburg, Virginia
Misquamicut, Rhode Island

4 Websites you visit daily
Reiss's Pieces blog (New England Patriots info)
Chad Darnell
He Wrote/She Wrote (

4 of your favorite foods
popcorn (my way, with real butter and salt)
ice cream
spinach pesto over angel hair pasta
my family recipe macaroni and cheese
Hmmm. Not such a good thing that they're all carbs, is it?

4 places you would rather be right now
On the ocean, whether that be beach or ship
At the movie theater, alone with my husband
On a carpet of moss in the woods
A bookstore filled with only the kind of fiction I love to read

Tag 4 Friends you think will respond
Who can I tag that hasn't done it? Maybe...
  • Megan Hart

  • Jody Wallace

  • Karmela Johnson

  • Shawna Moore
  • (who doesn't have a blog but now has to get one)


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    AuthorM said...

    Gosh, I guess I need to do it on my blog? LOL


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