Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TV High

I am pathetic.

I admit it, willingly and proudly. There are worse things than being high as a kite because of a TV show.

It is the pinnacle of cruelty that they give us our show back--OUR show, the season-one-quality show--with only five episodes left.

I speak, of course, of Alias.

In analysis, the show wasn't without its flaws. I'm not as invested in the Tom Grace thread as I want to be...yet when I think about it, my brain starts clamoring to know who The Cardinal is, and what Grace's agenda is, and if he's a bad guy, if he's involved with Prophet Five or on another super-secret black op. Ron Rifkin (Sloane) seems diminished, a frail old man operating out of desperation. I liked him best when he was powerful and clever, with devious motives tempered by his love for his old friend Jack and his daughter. And Rachel still bugs me to high heaven.

But we had WEISS, for a few minutes, and he was PERFECT. Marshall got to go on a mission and be funny. Dixon has braids. Sidney and Spydaddy and Spymommy displayed their amazingly complex family dynamics, and Daddy came out on top--indeed, he never fell off the top. Sydney's trust of and love for her father are the polar opposite of where they started, and I'd be satisfied if this was where it ended.

But it's NOT. Will Tippin and Anna Espinoza come back next week! Sydney will be far enough postpartum to kick some serious ass. And we start the journey toward Syd and Vaughn's reunion. I may cry.

I am so frickin' happy.

Isn't it pathetic?


Christina said...

Hi Natalie. I saw your blog about how pathetic you are about a TV show. Well, I have to say you are not alone. I was also high as a kite about about Alias coming back last night even if it is for only five more episodes. I'm anxiously awaiting the Vaughn/Syd reunion, hoping they kill off Rachel and that Weiss and Will come back for all five episodes!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Christina! You are my TV soulmate! :)

hazel said...

Hey Natalie, found my way here from my sister Karmela Johnson's site. I just ordered your book "Against the Rules" - the premise intrigued me.

And, I'm glad I wasn't imagining Syd and Spydaddy knowing about Vaughn. I *thought* that's what happened, thanks for confirming it :)

Natalie Damschroder said...

Hey, Hazel! You rock. And are obviously brilliant, because you agree with me. LOL

Actually, Karmela's very cool, so you probably are, too. Thanks so much for getting my book! I hope you like it.

MaryF said...

Ah, at last! I finally watched it yesterday, and I have to agree with EVERYTHING you said! I LOVED the conversation between Irena and Syd, and loved how Irena said, "Bring diapers."

So, has Syd known all along Michael was alive???

Natalie Damschroder said...

Wasn't it great, Mary? But I can't watch this week, because we're in TV Turnoff Week!!!!! It's hurting me much more than my kids. Pfoo.

I'm not positive, but I do think Syd knew all along that Vaughn was alive. All her missing and needing and crying over him could be just as real because he was unreachable in Nepal or wherever he is.

Anonymous said...


I'm totally spoiled and if the show ends the way that we think its going to end, I will be bawling along with about 16 "girls" that are gathering in Los Angeles for an Alias Finale Party. We shall be watching the finale on the "WALL"(my friend Karen's tv which is projected on the wall of her house).

Even though I've been on my hate Alias for a while now, my resentment never lasts. This is the one show that I have never missed an episode and its a bit more personal because I know people that work in that show. So its more than just a tv show. I feel as if I know them, not only the characters but also the actors. I know their quirks from how my friend speaks of them and I know how great kind of people they are. All of them feel more like family than strangers on a tv show.

My friend Amanda went to the wrap party last Friday and had a wonderful time, everyone on the cast and crew treat each other as family and I still remember when she told us that she was crying because everyone on the cast knew her name after she was working on the show for a couple of weeks and also how embarrased she was after she accidentaly flashed Michael Vartan during a break in filming when they both leaned over to pick up a pen which Michael was trying to hit Victor during a scene. There is so many of these stories that I know just from her that are not supposed to end up posted on the web. So the end is making all kinds of teary and we will probably end up using a boxful of kleenex during the finale.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Rose, I can't even imagine. It hurts enough just being a fan with inside "connections" (you on eH and Chard Darnell's blog)--I can't imagine how hard it must be to be part of it and be watching it go away.

Dammit, I'm going to cry.

MaryF said...

You didn't get to see it last night, Natalie?? Please say you taped it!!!!! It feels like old Alias. And last night, she said she did know Vaughn was alive.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Well, it is on my TiVo Season Pass, so it BETTER have recorded!!!

Monday night is set aside for TV TV TV NOTHING BUT TV! LOL Kind of defeats the purpose of TV Turnoff Week, doesn't it?

Thanks for the teaser, though, that helps! NOT. :)