Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blogging National

I'm going to RWA's National Conference in Atlanta in (eek!) less than two weeks!

Let's see. Am I prepared?

__ Make packing list (nope)

__ Organize schedule (nope)

__ Keep track of who to see at the conference (ha!)

__ List goals and objectives (yeah, that would be smart)

Truth is, this is my fourth National conference, and my most unfocused. The first year was in Washington, DC, and it was to learn. I mostly attended workshops and met a bunch of people. I did also do some promotional activities with my first publisher, now defunct (Avid Press). But I was a true newbie and absorbed every minute like a very, very thirsty sponge.

The next one was a few years later in New York. That one was all about networking. Meeting the editor who was so interested in my work. Hooking up with authors writing for an exciting new line I was destined to write for. Talking to another editor about my work. Meeting more people. I also did a workshop for that one, and it was great fun.

The following year, I went to Dallas. That was the most laid-back of my conference experiences, probably because I'd become an "old pro." I had a plan, and every event had a purpose.

This year should be my most focused ever. I'm in the midst of Great Change. I parted ways with my old agent and am seeking a new one. I left my day job and am writing full time. Everything I do is focused on building my career. But even though I have a few specific people to meet, there is no overriding theme, no set of goals to accomplish, no Big Plan. Not sure if this is a mistake or not. I guess we'll see. Hey, maybe I'll be all about "going with the flow" and that flow will take me to huge things. HUGE!

Blogging has been around for a while, and last year most of the dirt (and boy, do I mean DIRT--you won't be seeing that from me) on Reno came out on blogs. This year, we've gone...shoot, I can't think of the word. Serves me right for blogging at 1:45 a.m. after spending over six hours in the ER. No, thank you, I'm fine, and so is he now. Anyway, it's a word like conglomerate that's not conglomerate that makes me think of the Mob. I bet Erica would know it.

ANYWAY. Many of us will be blogging from National. Picture hundreds of women sitting with laptops on the floor of the meeting areas and lobby, where there is free wireless access. :) And we are ORGANIZED, thanks to Jude. I'm thinking with this lineup? Any and all opinions and perspectives will be offered and debated and probably a few flame wars ignited. But not by me. Not here. Here is just going to be good stuff. :)

Join me!


Diana Peterfreund said...

I know what you mean about the lack of focus. So far, all my big conference plans have been for trips I'm making that have nothing to do with conference. High tea. Theater shows. Stuff like that.

I have nothing to pitch, I'm not doing a workshop, my editor won't be there, and I'm under deadline.

Natalie Damschroder said...

So I guess this year is about decompression and connection? Seeing all those people you only get to see at conferences?

That's probably the highlight of my trip. :)