Monday, July 24, 2006

Title Help

It worked for MaryF, so I'm gonna give it a try. Though I wish Stacy Dawn, who came up with Mary's very awesome title of Breaking Daylight, read my blog. :)

Regan Miller has struggled for 18 years to balance a normal life for her daughter, Kelsy, with the knowledge that the child’s would-be kidnappers would try again. Regan and Kelsy’s training and constant vigilance prove their salvation when the kidnappers come for Kelsy at college and try to murder Regan in her bed.

They can run again, but this time they have Kelsy’s boyfriend and roommate to worry about, and Regan’s mysterious neighbor, Tyler Sloane, is either a hired protector or hired enemy. They can’t play defense their whole lives, or it will be a very short game. Somehow, Regan and Kelsy have to reach each other, then confront the strangers, both good and bad, who have managed to orchestrate their entire existence.

This is a romantic adventure currently titled Unbreakable. It kind of works, because the main heroine, the mother, is 100 percent fighter (think Linda Hamilton in T2 without the insane part). The secondary heroine, the daughter, is more like a willow branch than a bar of steel, but still doesn't break. Also, the secret that everyone is after lends itself to that title.

Unfortunately, can anyone read it without thinking "somber M. Night Shyamalan movie with Bruce Willis who never smiles"? I don't think so.

I appreciate any brainstorming you feel like throwing out there. Even if I don't use one of your suggestions, it may spark something else for me.

Countdown to National

I keep laughing at all the people who ask me if I'm packed and the ones who have been packed for a week already. I'm just not like that. I am lucky that I have nothing else requiring my attention today, but even if I still had the day job, I wouldn't be doing it until tonight. I'm tempted to wait until tomorrow morning, since I'm not leaving the house until 11. But I'll do it this afternoon, once I finish revising the beginning of Unbreakable my WIP.

Now I'm excited! Can't wait to see you all in HOTlanta!


Stacy Dawn said...

Well, I can at least make somebody's wish come true today and be here...but I'm not guarenteeing anything about a title, Mary's was the unfocused ranting of a sleep deprived alternate state LOL. In actuallity, I like Unbreakable. I don't think it was such a hot movie so you shouldn't have to worry and from what you've explained, it really encompasses the story. But, I will offer a few if you want, feel free to toss them in the garbage can with no feelings hurt though.

Never Broken
Bend in the Wind
Stronger than Will
Night's Strongest Light
Claiming Kelsey
Day's Dawning Light
Nothing Broken
Unbreakable Fight
Strength of Will
More Than the Night

That's about all I have. Hope it helps but I'd still go with Unbreakable. Have a fabulous time at Nationals and good luck!!

Natalie Damschroder said...
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Natalie Damschroder said...

Stacy! Thank you so much for coming over here to help me!

The part about "not such a hot movie" is why I don't want to use Unbreakable. :) But thanks for the vote of confidence and the input. It's much appreciated!

Anyone else who wants to take a stab at it, go ahead! Stacy's got some great ideas, but nothing rings yet. Sometimes the title DOESN'T ring until the end of the book, so I've saved these in my WIP folder.

Thanks again!

MaryF said...

Actually, I like Unbreakable, too.

How does she know they'll try to get her daughter again?

Maybe something with FREEDOM in it....

Sounds like a great book, though!

Natalie Damschroder said...

LOL. Okay, so far, I'm keeping Unbreakable. I like the freedom idea, though. Added that to the cement turner in my brain.

She knows because when Kelsey's father was killed (I just changed the spelling of her name), he managed to let Regan know that they'd be coming after her baby. Then they did. She never found out why, but has lived with the fear all her life.

Maybe I should change "knowledge" to "fear" in the blurb.

Thanks, Mary!