Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Loving Loving Loving

I wasn't that excited, thinking about coming to National, even just yesterday. Normally I'm a pretty even person, not given to extremes of emotion for very long. (FOR VERY LONG, I said, Jim).

But now that I'm here...man, I'm soooo thrilled to be.

I had dinner with Cathy McDavid and Carrie Weaver and Libby Banks, and then went over to the Marriott Marquis bar where I met Toni Allerdice and Sasha White, and then on the way back through the lobby I saw Colleen Gleason (of the Japanese Beetle Solution) and a bunch of Big Name Authors who knew the people I was with.

The energy here is FIERCE. Tonight is like casual night, which...thank god, because I was in travel clothes and sweaty bangs. It's no hotter here than it was in PA, maybe a bit cooler, but I'm not usually walking six blocks up hill. But everyone is so excited and happy and eager for everything the conference will give them.

At this point of the conference, I can't imagine ever missing one.

Note: I would do links for the authors I named, but blogger's not giving me the link button, and I'm too tired to do HTML. Sorry.

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Stacy Dawn said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!