Monday, August 28, 2006

Day One--Anti-Dream

I woke up around 3:00 this morning with a pounding headache. Not quite a migraine, but enough to make me nauseous. I have an old shoulder injury that pinches a nerve and causes this particular kind of headache, and regular painkillers don't help. So I didn't bode well for my first day alone in the house, first real day as a full-time writer.

Which is probably why I then dreamed that I was back at my old day job. They'd asked me to work a couple of days, and I slipped right back into it and kept on going, then realized that it was today, the kids' first day of school, and I was supposed to be writing! I woke up during the part of the dream where I was torn between being true to myself and following through on my new/old commitment. I was telling my boss I'd work until Wednesday, but then mentally reneging. I was supposed to be writing!!!

Speaking of which...I'd better go do that, then.

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