Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Giddy As a Schoolboy

This morning, while I was putting towels away between trips to the bus stop, I was thinking about this blog post. I had something to post about that made me giddy. And then, for two hours, I could not remember what it was.

It was not towels.

Then, as I was doing this post, for some reason I remembered that I wanted to make note to record Twenty Good Years when it premieres, and in the course of making that note, I remembered why I'm giddy.


So now you have to read a full post because I have a CONTEST!

First, my giddiness. Many years ago, when Smallville came out, I was mildly interested but we had no local WB affiliate. When Supernatural came out, I could not find WB anywhere. It turned out that even though our cable had added a Philadelphia affiliate, we no longer had cable, we had DirecTV, and Philadelphia is not a "local" channel. So still no WB.

I'm all caught up on Smallville now, but was concerned about the whole CW thing. I really want to watch the new season, but wasn't sure I'd be able. But I looked at CW's web site, and they are using the old UPN affiliate, which IS local, and I DO get it.

Tom Welling and Jensen Ackles, here I come!

Okay, now the contest.

The word "giddy" always makes me think of the phrase that's the title of this post, which makes me remember the delivery in the particular movie that it comes from, which makes me think of...an actor I will not name or I'll give it all away.

Post in the comments what the movie is that I'm thinking of, and I'll give away a copy of Lost Our Forever, my Blue Silver story. If I get at least 10 entries, I'll give away TWO copies. Twenty entries, I'll give three. And if you've already bought it, I'll give you a different download of your choice.

If I get less than five entries, no one gets anything. Yes, I'm mean. But you gotta work to get something for free around here!


jennybrat said...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Kelly said...

Are you sure that you want us to post in the comments? Because, you know, I'll get it right and then everyone after will know.

~in which the origin of her name is explained in the same movie

Stephanie said...

Well I did a lil research when I'm supposed to be editing and found that the word 'giddy' was thrown around quite a bit during the Tom Cruise Interview with Oprah but I bet you're thinking of 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' with Harrison Ford (Indy) is talking about his Dad Sean Connery!
I found the quote if you want it too!! LOL

Kelly said...

Well, then, since everyone else is posting ;) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Yes, Kelly, because what if YOU'RE ALL WRONG??????


'Cause, you know, it could be in more than one movie. :)

Stephanie said...

OK how about Much Ado About Nothing? with Kenith Branagh??

vickyb said...

Indiana Jones is talking about his father "giddy as a schoolboy" I think is the quote - in "The Last Crusade"

Jodi said...

Elsa stated this when talking to Indiana Jones in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade".

Cathie said...

How about "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade". LOL.
I too found another one with 'giddy' in it..The Ladykiller (2004)
Professor G.H. Dorr: "Oh, indeed, indeed. The thirst for knowledge is a very commendable thing. Though I do believe that when you hear the explanation you shall laugh riotously, slappin' your knee and perhaps even wipin' away a giddy tear, relieved of your former concern."

Not that I saw either movie, LOL

Liz said...

Indiana Jones The Last Crusade

Victoria said...

1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

(This next one is because I know of your obsession with this) :)
2. Serenity - "I'm fine. I'm...giddy" (Inara Serra)

Stephanie said...

OK Ms.Natalie what was the movie??? Its driving me nuts!! I have to know!!

I also came up with it as a line in B.A.P.S. but I doubt that that was the movie too!!

So Tell Us already!! I demand to know!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Kelly, do you mean your name came from the dog's name? Like, "We named the dog Indiana!" Or something else?

Stephanie and Cathie, thanks for playing along and wasting time looking for other movies. LOL "I'm a bad, bad [wo]man."

LOL, Vicki, about Inara's quote. I like that one better. I'm gonna work to impose that on my memory instead of Elsa.

So, yes, you're all correct, and it's Elsa to Indie about his father in The Last Crusade. Thanks so much for participating!

I wrote your names all on slips and drew...Liz!

Congratulations, Liz. Please e-mail me at nujii@aol.com and let me know what format you want Lost Our Forever in, or if you'd rather have a different story.